23 Feb 2007

Another day in Gusandall

Another day in Gusandall....

Galen Draz > ?
Galen Draz > no attack?
Galen Draz > pussy
Kailiao > lol
Kailiao > sentries numnutz
Kailiao > comeback and shoot first
Strata Rowenstar > Hay Lucius.
Lucius Cain > Yes?
Strata Rowenstar > Just saying hay
Lucius Cain > Ah, well hello then.
Strata Rowenstar > Nice ship Tigger
Strata Rowenstar > Ill keep you running tigger, Your not going to get me easy
Strata Rowenstar > Haha
Strata Rowenstar > Nice fight
TiggerTime > gf
TiggerTime > thought u were going there next
Strata Rowenstar > SO you relayed a guy infrount of me right, or was that unexpected
xavoc > he relayed me
Strata Rowenstar > Heh
Strata Rowenstar > I see
TiggerTime > on the lst warp
Strata Rowenstar > What where you flying?
Strata Rowenstar > I never saw that
xavoc > helo zombieee u finely noticed that re light was shit ?
Zombieee > yo xavoc:D
Zombieee > hehe...i didnt notice that
xavoc > lol
Zombieee > how come?
xavoc > remember u was in a belt and u out numberd me 4 to one i still killed u
Zombieee > ohhh... hehe.. do u remember setups?
Zombieee > :D
xavoc > what u meen ?
xavoc > dont give me i was fited wrong cos thats a loads of boluks
Zombieee > i came from mission, and 3 of rle guys was pvping
Zombieee > load of boluks? damn.. u got the killmail... u could see it was mission fitted:D
Zombieee > end of discussion:D
Strata Rowenstar > Well, not much of a loss, I made around 2mill out here
xavoc > zombieee ur shit lol
Hiberix > xavoc button up
Zombieee > ingorant people:D
xavoc > sheeeeee hib
TiggerTime > lol
Zombieee > xavoc is nothing but smack:D how did u lose ur hac to a noob xavoc? i heard u killed dex vexor, and he went back out to kill ya:D
xavoc > lol it was 4 v 1 agen u fool
xavoc > ur ppl got luky it will not happen agen fool
Herachte > sure
Hiberix > lol
Zombieee > u got to be dumb smacking 30 min, then go die:D
xavoc > sheeeeeee hib
Zombieee > same with the brutix.. u got lucky:D wount happen again.
xavoc > well mi8 least i can fly a shit not like u and ur crapy set ups
Zombieee > so it was a crappy setup?
Zombieee > ur not showing ur brightest side here mate.
xavoc > ur shit was yer cos ur a noob and u dont no what the hell ur doing
Zombieee > lol...
Zombieee > i got a killboard saying something else:D so im not worried:D
xavoc > lol m8 i no ur a noob at pvp go kill some 0.5 rats
Lucius Cain > Bad idea talking about brightness, when you can't spell words with more than 5 letters in it no?
xavoc > m8 i no i cant spell i dont need u telling me that i can see if but even though i cant spell i have the brains to fit a shit unlike zombieee
Zombieee > hehe... spelling error is something else.
xavoc > zombieee u rekon ur so good at pvp one on one how about that ? in a complex so u can worp in the crap BS poilots ?
Hiberix > xavoc your chatting shit
Zombieee > people like u bore me... se one cheap brutix fitted for 100k isk, and then think that tells everything.
Zombieee > lol
xavoc > sheeeeeeee hib
Hiberix > get to school id
Hiberix > your mother is calling you go on dinner time
xavoc > imgoof fight m8
Kailiao > bah gf
Zombieee > and xavoc, yes i do 1on1, plenty:D
Zombieee > just need ships fitted for it.
Zombieee > u know... not 100k isk modules, like the brutix u blew up and cant forget?
xavoc > kailiao nows how to pvp unlike u zombiee
Zombieee > u must not have expirenced much in ways of pvp, as u remember that so good:D
Hiberix > he would kick your ass also
Kailiao > crap i thought i poped you
Kailiao > poopie
xavoc > me ? lmao
Kailiao > GF mate
xavoc > hf lol
Hiberix > he killed you also
xavoc > gf*
Hiberix > lol
xavoc > tigger got the kill
Kailiao > taranis ishkuer nasty combo
Kailiao > boo
Kailiao > you warp away
Kailiao > ?
xavoc > yer but man ur a good pvp u take my hat off to ya
xavoc > yes i worped
Kailiao > grr
xavoc > thought tigger could handel u lol
Kailiao > damn scrambler
Hiberix > you do need school x
Zombieee > he knows how to run to:D
Hiberix > you dislexic
Kailiao > that's what happends when you get scrams at k-mart
Hiberix > ?
xavoc > im not going to stay if im going to die fool lmao
Zombieee > ohh.. how did u lose ur hac again?
xavoc > i lost it to 4 of ur ceowardly frends
Zombieee > i saw the chatlog again.
Zombieee > a few people have... it was so hilaruous.
Zombieee > ious
Hiberix > like you never att in numbers
xavoc > sheeeeee hib
Zombieee > ur sitting smacking in local about this and that, killing a cruiser, saying, u guys cant do shit... and bam,, ohhh i lost my hac.
Zombieee > i love reading those kinda chatlogs:D
Hiberix > sheeeeeeeeee yourself whatever it means you thick little dislexic freak
Herachte > lol
xavoc > hib sheeeee
Hiberix > there she goes again being all dislexic
Zombieee > ur pretty bad for a 2004 player xavoc:D
Hiberix > /emote will teach xavoc how to read and write if he likes?
xavoc > i am dizlexic m8 wont to make something of it ?
Zombieee > lol
Zombieee > go hide
Hiberix > yeh ill phone your school for you
Zombieee > omfg:D
Hiberix > and tell your headmaster you need special treatment
Zombieee > comedy show:D
Herachte > :P
Hiberix > looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
xavoc > sheeeeeeeeeeeeee hib
Zombieee > did u lose your ship now xav?
Zombieee > better learn to pvp if ya did:D
xavoc > lol no i dident lose it lmao
Zombieee > ohh.. i thought LIL DOMI was urs
Hiberix > starting laughing your pen lid off instead and practice your speeling
Zombieee > hehe
Hiberix > you need to get off that ass of yours
Herachte > lol
Hiberix > oops spelling
xavoc > boys at the end of the day i have more kills to ur corp than u do to my corp so shut the hell up
Hiberix > not bad 95%
Zombieee > at the end of the night, i have ur gf in my bed!
Hiberix > for your effort young lad
Zombieee > that is, if u have one.. and shes not ugly:D
Hiberix > he has a usb knob
xavoc > ow and another thing what ur doing making fun of my deslexier is banable buy ccp as its going to ur real life so carry on boys im recording this on fraps
Hiberix > his bitch is his com and he knows it
Hiberix > i have recorded your swearing mate
Hiberix > thats banable
TiggerTime > my god, was there a sale of handbags in Eartern Star fed?
Kailiao > how you get into a rokh in 1 month?
Hiberix > yeh man 2 4 1
Hiberix > want a piece?
Kailiao > is that possable, lol
Hiberix > who is 1 month
xavoc > hib ur a fool shut up
Zombieee > xavoc: itd be a difference if we started smacking... but it seems ur the one doing the crab.
Kailiao > err 3 months
Hiberix > listen mr t with your fooooooooooooool statement grow up take it like a man you got killed we all have
Zombieee > ok... i dont have any more time for ya xavoc... but, keep on... have fun