17 Jan 2007

Tech2 Noobs

Was idling in a safespot when another target came into system. I scanned him and saw that he was in a rifter. I know I can take on most rifters without much problem so was hoping this was no exception. I scanned him and jumped to the first belt: nope, he isnt there. Scanned again and find him in the last belt. I hit the warp drive and jumped. Target was 14days old but with the change in Revelations; starting chars have way more skill points now.

I landed 8KM away from Revivor who promptly webbed and scrambled me. Looks like he was waiting for me. I did like wise and it was fight on! I knocked him down to armour
but he was taking chunks out of me. When he finally went pop, I discovered why: tech 2 autocannons. My god, a 14 day char with enough skills and cash for T2 kit?

He fought well and amazingly; i did not pod him. He promised to come back with a T2 small repper and it would be round 2. Bring it on i say.

Kill Mail:

2007.01.17 13:37
Victim: Revivor
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Republic Military School
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Gusandall
Security: 0.4
Involved parties:
Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.9
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 150mm Light 'Scout' Autocannon I

Destroyed items:
150mm Light AutoCannon II
Stasis Webifier I
EMP S, Qty: 60