31 Jan 2012

Drunk Roam Update, yet another FC guide and When Can I Bring My Tornado Out?

Drunk Roam Update

I have had much interest from people so thank you so much! My liver will try it's best to withstand the punishment. I have some comical fits in mind and if anyone else has one; please send it to me or pop it under the comments. Remember, you will be drunk on the night so who cares?

The main fleet pilots
I think I will be bringing a Bellicose to begin with then moving through my list of ships. I do have a maelstrom that is a bit of a shocker in terms of rig set-up so this looks like a great candidate too.

Date of the drunk roam: 3rd February 2012, Friday Evening, starting from 20:30 in the Metropolis Region Low-Sec, exact details to those who are coming will be passed on when in fleet. Be in the 'INDEPENDENCE' in-game chat channel from 19:30 onwards please.  We will rolling around until we pass out (which for me will be very soon!) or we run out of ships.

Yet Another FC Guide
A typical FC?
The Bastards are fortunate to have a number of excellent FCs and after Penelope's recent article in Eve-Tribune I have had many evemails from people wanting more information. For now, I would like to go through Penelope as it was her article that opened up this conversation. However, I have been in the process of putting together a simple FC guide for The Bastards since early 2011 because we have a lot of new pilots and I encourage my pilots to step up, lead a fleet, go out and 'just do it'. This usually is the only rule I have for budding FCs; you learn by doing. No amount of theory crafting will suffice. I will post up snippets in this here blog for all to enjoy (or critisise) and for general comment.

When Can I Fly My Tornado?
Lately, we've been busy having a fight all over Metropolis and our KillBoard hasn't been able to keep up: the new updates with the latest patches (new ammo) has broken the KB. However, I love the new Neocom and other UI changes. The much anticipated AF changes too. All wonderful stuff and makes a space ship flying pirate like me, very happy in the pants. Of course, this still means that I am distracted enough not to bring out my Tornado, apart from a few POCO bashes this month. I am also looking for a close range face melter and it appears that the Talos fits the bill? Comments please as I want to benefit from other pilots' expertise and experience.

A massed brawl is always good for the soul
The Bastards have been active from the very first day of 2012 - our neck of the woods has been extremely busy with corporations and alliances either setting up shop or passing through Evati. All great for our line of business. Nearby we have Eve-university in Hagilur / Dudreda (they apparently have a 'war' on with the infamous RvB alliance), we have Eve-Union come rolling around setting up POCOs and responding to their attacks with their usual numbers and tactics, close by there are chaps from TEST alliance, clustering around the entrance points to Geminate and Vale and we've even seen some White Noise(dot) fleets wander through. All wonderful stuff for us. Nothing keeps a pirate happy than activity and loot and this month has been super fun. Long may it continue.

I did miss a sanctioned fleet this thursday - I was all for attending but a last minute issue prevented me from leaving work, but the chaps appeared to have a successful night as per the kill board summary which makes my absence sting even more. I could have brought out my tornado after all!