23 Nov 2011

Playing like Elite

Flash's Gaming PC on Tue Night....
Why doesn't New Eden have a super low-fi and lite version for their interface? I say this because my main rig blew up on tuesday night. My only back up was my battered work laptop and man, was it struggling, even with everything else turned down to low.

I need something even simpler than the lowest setting on New Eden, yes - I need wireframes and DOS based graphics. I need.....Elite.

Check this out, some of you may even be old enough to remember the glory of this most influential game - the super graphics, the game-play and the vastness of the universe, replicated perfectly each time. All for under 64K of RAM too. If EVE had an 'elite' setting, with super low and simplified graphics, I would be playing this setting all the time. Hell, I would be trying to play this on my netbook, my smart book even! Check out a screen-shot from a bygone era: