14 Oct 2011

Tough week

Hasn't been a good week; I logged off near a gate in my purifier one hectic night. I logged back in and to my horror, there was a dramiel a mere 2km from me. Not able to cloak or run to the gate; the dramiel pilot (hats off to him) scrambled me and killed the ship. I got the pod out.

I then clone jumped to join Marco's frigate fleet - I was asked to fly Marco's sabre and as we progressed into null sec, I stupidly hit 'warp to' instead of 'align to' a star-gate...one I KNEW was already bubbled, as I came through it on the way in.

Being pulled into the bubble was annoying for sure, being scrambled by a hurricane and dramiel was even worse. Naturally, I blew up.

So my pod ran away, my crew dead and Marco demanding a replacement for his lost sabre.

One has to take the rough with the smooth eh? There's another op coming up this weekend, I hope I have better luck. Now where's that stabber fleet issue?