30 Sep 2011

The long reach of the lachesis - me loves it.

Lachesis - a right nasty bugger

With a fleet of about a dozen battle cruisers I decided to forgo our usual logistical support (as we didn't have enough qualified pilots anyway) and opted to go with recon support in the form of my lachesis and Marco's rapier.

A fleet with the ability to throw points out to 75KM and triple web someone to a range of 35km isn't too shabby at all.

So once the fleet was out, our scouts had detected some potential targets in Helgatid around what we assumed, was a just-anchored POS. It had its shield up but POS modules were anchored. There were a number of ships clustered by: an apocalypse class battle ship, a couple of cruisers and frigates. We can definitely have some of that.

As we moved into position; a second scout spotted an armageddon on a gate, killing off some of the local Angel rats. We were one jump away and arrived just as this second armageddon jumped into the Helgatid, no doubt to join his friends around the POS.

TheHermit entered first with his Onyx and snagged it.

"Point." He said and that was our signal to get in. Shizraak in his brittle hurricane was targetted by the armageddon and we went to work. Unfortunately for Shiz, this armageddon had a web and scrambler and kept Shiz pinned down long enough to completely boil off his shields and melt his armour. Shizraak's 'cane went pop but we took our revenge by killing the armageddon.

Meanwhile, our original target (the ships around the POS) was still there though most of the ships had scarpered by now leaving only the apocalypse. Our noobie-corp scout was 80KM away from the battle ship but it was enough. I asked for a warp in and overloaded my warp disruptor. When I landed there were three ships including the apocalyse. However, the battle ship was the prize and even from 80 KM my warp disruptor reached out and held the apocalypse.

"Point." I said and ordered the rest of the fleet to come in. Switching on their micro warp drives as they landed, The Bastards battle cruisers rushed over to the hapless battle ship and sliced it up.

The more I think about it; the more I love this ship. Need to fly it more often I think and I am so tempted to organise the fleet and update my set up for some obscene pointage.

Now, am asking all you EFT (or PYFA) warriors to recommend to me a set-up for either the Lach or 'Zu that you think would be suitable for our style of play (i.e. sneaky Bastards type of play..)