4 Apr 2011

I was drunk and was hungover for 24 hours; what happened to my weekend?

Drunken aftermath
After saturday night's drunk roam, where we died gloriously (or ignominiously) - I had a hang-over for most of the next day. I think I must be getting old! Fair play to some of the chaps who started the drunk roam (part one) on the friday night. I believe they suicidally attacked a gang backed up with guardians and other nasties and died horribly. Well done sirs, well done!

Damage to me was as follows (I think):

1. 4L of disarrono with 2l left.
2. 6L of Coke with 1.5l left.
3. I ate three cheese-toasties on the night. All had worcestershire sauce dashed on it with lashings of cheese. There was a fourth semi-constructed toastie on the chopping board the next day. I think it is still there.
4. Paracetamol the next day with at least 2 pints of water.
5. A half-starved cat as I didn't leave any food out during the drunk roam. She's okay now, just don't tell the missus.
My cat....

I seem to recall racing around in a hoarder with TheHermit in his battle badger. I also believe I blew up quite spectacularly on a gate somewhere. Other highlight include our fail-fit cruisers trying to kill an armageddon near a stations's undock and getting it down to 20% hull before the gate guns popped us all. I was in my rupture with a battle ship class weapon strapped to it. It died gloriously. I also remember laughing manically and almost falling off my chair after consuming almost all of my drink in one go. We did kill a bait myrmidon but man, sentry guns hurt....

I think this is what I was
telling people on vent as we
raced in to kill the 'geddon...
I honestly cannot remember how it ended though I know I didn't get podded and probably made it home. Shiz had his tengu in one piece throughout the evening; that I do remember. What does it take for him to lose it?

However, piracy must continue, even if it took 24 hours to get moving or at least my liver to function again. Our ransom board has been integrated into our new back-end system and now pulls graphs into a pirate's statistics. It has always been there but now been made visible - check out MaxUrsa's stats and others. We welcome any comments by the way.