22 Feb 2011

Hulkageddon IV and our new website...

Hulkageddon IV

And we're off!

Hulkageddon IV kicked off on the 19th February 2011 and The Bastards have been in the thick of things. We've gone through a bunch of destroyers already and both The Bastards and The Meatshield are doing a great many evil things to mining ships in high security space. What has been nice and heart-warming have been the cheers of encouragement and well-wishers from those on the sidelines: many of them miners themselves!

The Bastards have enough to roam out far and wide and in two to three gangs. I have noticed that other corporations are using smaller teams of 1-3 pilots and ships and using battle cruisers to enact their suicidal damage. We've opted for teams of 4-6 and in destroyer hulls instead. We found that they're the most cost effective out of all the ship hulls available.

With our scouts out and about and well wishers feeding us information about miners we've been quite active but unfortunately for myself, I have been ill since Friday, 18th February and therefore unable to participate fully. However, The Bastards have leaders far more capable than I activity is as high as ever. Additionally, if people are interested in joining in - we set up a new corp called 'MEATSHIELD' to bolster our numbers for HK IV specifically as well as giving those new to piracy an avenue to pirate with The Bastards over the long-term. The recruitment link is here. We've also enabled a nifty online recruitment website too which leads me to....

New Website and KillBoard and all that!

Yes, you may have noticed that we have updated our website and created an alliance wide killboard that pools both The Bastards and The Meatshield Bastards into one board - in addition to keeping two separate ones for each corp. With an upgrade to our ransom-board and a new skin to the forums; everything looks great.

Long awaited features (well for us) have been added and will be updated over the next couple of weeks. All very exciting and I can't wait to see them live. Thanks has to go to TheHermit for his work on this assisted by RoninData who made his appearance and proved everyone that he was NOT in a Spanish prison but was alive and well.

Anyway, just noticed the new Eve Blog banter. Going to work on that as I crawl back to bed.

More later.