16 Sep 2010

Bad Bobby? Dead Bobby...

Well, my first night back in a fortnight and I got a bunch of us in T1 cruisers and went for a roam, just to stretch out my legs. Metropolis was busy as usual and we detected that there was a roaming 'Back To Yarr' group close by and we eventually clashed in Egmar. The Back To Yarr chaps are excellent pilots and we knew that we would be in for a good dust up. Their fleet were as follows:


We had:


Our cruisers roaring into them, guns blazing, drones screaming and the pilots all yelling out as battle was joined. Thrilling stuff; we started to drop fast as the enemy systematically swept their fire on us. The Back To Yarr falcon was locked but managed to get away while both our Blackbirds blew up; which proved to be a rather bad start for us!

We took out both their cyclones but we got spanked losing almost everything else. A good fight nonetheless and well done. Everyone raced home, re-shipped and moved back out. The fleet was split up to cover more ground - one group went back towards Egmar, hoping to catch some of the Back To Yarr chaps (no doubt still picking over our wrecks) while our second fleet got word that a Loki was inbound.

The first fleet failed to get the Back to Yarr ships as they had moved out, our wrecks picked clean but the second fleet was much more fortunate. The Loki eventually jumped into one system out and Nashh raced through and bravely pointed the Loki to force him through to the next system, where the bulk of the second fleet was waiting. The Loki pilot did jump and with a shout of glee, The Bastards were waiting. Catching a T3 strategic cruiser was a prize worth risking sentry gun fire for.

With a shout, The Bastards opened up with webbers, scramblers and guns; plenty of guns. The Loki started going down and there was a suspicion the pilot was either asleep or had a serious case of mental lock-up. The Loki went pop and there were shouts to grab the pod and pop it. Ransoming a pod is a Bastards' tradition but when it is so close to a gate this turns out to be not such a good idea - the capsuleer can always jump through. So the decision is to pop it.

With a wolfish glee, Silvetrys speared the capsule, killing the pilot instantly.

As ever, the pilots checked the CONCORD kill mail for details and it was then that someone noticed the name of the pilot: 'Bad Bobby' and a quick search of recent news archive revealed that this pilot had been involved in what might be one of New Eden's biggest heists. The details are here:


So Bad Bobby was caught and pulped and we now have his corpse.


Is it worth anything to anyone?

Well, we've scooped it up and put it on ice. In terms of the rather macabre trade in corpses, we're now in the business. Drop me a line if anyone wants this chap's biomass. No idea what one can do with it but I really don't want to speculate.

Bad Bobby