18 Aug 2010

Back with a small bang....

Rolling around Metropolis as pirates can either be feast or famine and last night it was a famine - with a decent sized fleet of 19 - we only caught a vexor and something else. We avoided a bait ship that was primed to cyno in seven (7) thanatos class carriers and also a few other blobs. We tracked a nice fleet of a typhoon, armageddon, tempest and three cruisers but lost track of them and lost them. We were too far out to be begin with and were chasing. Meanwhile, Nashh (who had docked up and was several jumps behind) had managed to locate a roaming gang and had engaged and then successfully disengaged as the numbers increased. We were too far to help as they were moving away from us.

Meanwhile, we were getting reports of large (+20) fleets roaming too. It was all happening, yet - strangely it wasn't happening. I had no intention of sacrificing needlessly the fleet for a 'good fight' as I am interested in ransoms and loot. However, boredom and frustration can settle in and before you know it; sensible decisions become a thing of the past. Luckily we were more disciplined than bored and got home safely.

While our (unofficial) motto is 'Overwhelming DPS then GTFO'; I do also follow another motto and that is to bring everyone (well nearly everyone) back home in one-piece.