10 Jun 2010

AT 8 - Day 3/4 Qualifiers: Dead Terrorists v TuskerBastards

After our stinging defeat, I waited to see whether we would be in the second round and it was with some delight that we are indeed and our next opponents are Dead Terrorists; a worth opponent.

A predictive analysis can be found here = http://eveopportunist.blogspot.com/2010/06/at8-round-2-day-2-predictions-where.html, a nice read and I hope we do triumph!

Keith Neilson has had post about the potential match-ups as soon as the last games from Round 1 had completed. We have some clever chaps here!

So, DT in round 2. I know these chaps, not well, but they are known to me and like us, they'll want prove a point. I expect a lot of pain thrown our way come sunday! However, I have respect for these chaps and look forward to the match.

The alliance tournament has been a distraction however to day-to-day events. Our recruitment has been paused, roams been moved aside and everyone just waiting for the end of the tournament, regardless of results. So it was with some delight that I have decided to run an op on the first tuesday after the AT final and have a laugh while doing it. I like routine and come 22nd June, The Bastards will be back to doing what they normally do: fun mid-sized roams with explosions, banter and fun. A few kills here and there and no losses would be a bonus too! Nashh has made a point of the lull in his excellent, most recent post. He sadly, had to sit out from the training (and hence selection process) this time around for the AT but remains a competent and committed pilot. Real life sometimes can be just too demanding at times!

Thanks to all the well wishers (and critics) of our most recent outing into the AT. We have our next match to plan for!