26 Feb 2010

Stealth bomber roams are fun for sure and lately, we've discovered that most of the action is within a few jumps of our home system. We organised a stealth bomber based roam with a bait brutix up ahead to draw fire and attract targets. Persephone had the honour of this most magnificient role. I also made her secondary FC after me as being ahead, she would be ideal to call targets. She was also desperate to lose the brutix. I have no idea why as I think it is a brutal looking ship and quite effective too.

The rest of the fleet was made up as follows:

(and a couple of others that I forgot to include)

Quite effective though lacking in the probing department. No matter, Persephone raced ahead and the rest of the fleet started to assembling. Persephone's voice crackled through:

"Drake is tracking me. Moving to planet 1. Let's see if he follows. I am in Akkio."

The rest of the fleet aligned and jumped towards Persephone's system - we were two jumps out when Persephone called point. Excited we all jumped in and warped to Persephone. Other hostile ships were also warping in as well including a dominix, curse, armageddon and a few others. It was at this time that something odd happened. Space travel is always a funny business, one is stretching the rules of known physics to destruction in most cases and sometimes, just sometimes, the universe fights back. Our jump towards Persephone was characterised by mashed up sensors, non-jumps or a jump journey that lasted for an age. Some of the ships landed close to Persephone but their sensors (as well as their eyes) could not see her or the enemy ships or indeed the planet she was orbiting. Others, like myself, find themselves in a very long warp only to rubber-band back to our original position. Very odd and needless to say, not one of us could get in and help Persephone and her Brutix was duly dismantled. Only one other fleet member landed near Persephone, could see some (not all) of the enemy ships and fired one salvo.

A most disappointing initial engagement but we bounced back and soon found ourselves in Null-sec chasing the local residents. Being all cloaky and hidden no doubt freaked them out and most docked up either in their outpost or POS. Some were complaining that they wanted to 'reclaim their local' and that we had to leave immediately.

We did pop a heavily laden hound caught in a number of bubbles that were anchored around the Paala / LXQ2-T gate - it was carrying about 40million+ of items so a valuable score for us. Nashh grabbed most of the loot and scooted to a nearby station. Kalius also popped a raptor buzzing us, he was in his trade-mark rifter and one always puts your money on Kal Prime. The fleet had cohesion, discipline and a big degree of fun and despite the low harvest, we all returned home grinning. I had to then pass the FC baton to Kalius and Co. and they continued killing and ransoming people until the wee hours.

I had to get the current loot sales sorted - we are close to hitting 2B in items sold so am going to bank the money and get ready to split the proceeds amongst the pirates. We do need to paid after all.