5 Dec 2009

Dominion is here and where is my Dramiel?

Been on a couple of roams with the lads but a little to busy with administration and this new game that I have discovered called 'Real Life'. I did plan on a stealth bomber roam but was informed by my corp mates that the day it was scheduled (01 December) was a bad day. Something about a new alignment of moons or some such. Oh, there was also going to be a universal firmware update to a number of the capsuleer tools that would result in some new funkiness.

Anyway, a few roams in cruiser hulls and plenty of kills and ransoms to keep us all busy just prior to 'd-day'.

01 December rolls along, the firmware update is applied and well, some things change. Some things that I now really like:

1. The in-game browser. Woot, we can now read our forums and check various kill boards when we're hooked in. Sweetness.

2. Fleet finder - as boss, some new tools available to me such as the fleet finder, fleet composition and others. Me like.

3. New mail client - an improvement over the old one but still a bit clunky and one needs to use labels to keep track of the emails.

4. Pirate faction ships improvements: dramiel and others. A big improvement, no, a huge improvement. I cannot wait to get into them and cause some real damage.

However, the bad:

a. A fair few pilots I know can't safely undock into space due to the odd behaviour of the pilot UI. Screen locks and the dreaded lag.

The above is a big enough problem to be honest.

Still, it hasn't stopped me from strapping myself into the ship and flying out. With the changes to the projectile range of ammunition and weapon systems; am pushing hard to get a 1000dps hurricane set-up. RoninData has been working hard at it but I wonder what options I have out there for a pure, Hurricane based damage machine?