21 Sep 2009

Phew - busy or what?

Just a quick shout out to all those fine pilots who have sent in their applications. We're flooded at the moment and it is mainly US TimeZone pilots who have answered the call. We're working through them as fast as possible but please, everyone read the FAQ and requirements. We've been turning down many a would-be pirate due to them not meeting the minimum requirements. Now, I hear you cry that SP does not maketh a pirate! I do agree to a point, as I look back fondly at the time when I was a low-sp pilot still figuring how to fit a rifter and wondering why the station guns were shooting me.

However, from experience - most of the pilots we are looking for tend to have SPs a little higher than our minimum and the points are placed optimally. It is simply not possible for a pilot to have the skills to tank sentry guns and tackle and kill something without a certain amount of experience and SP.

So, I have to give a special mention to our recruitment officers who have the uneviable task of application triage - they're being firm and fair with everyone and already, we're seeing the first set of pilots who have not made the cut. However, it isn't the end of a pirate's journey. We've had a couple of pilots initially failing the cut during the last cycle, decided on improving their skills, and came back and re-applied and got in.

Who said perserverence didn't help? Additionally, if the fit with us Bastards isn't there - we can happily point you towards some other fine pirate corps in the form of the Python Cartel or The Tuskers.