20 Aug 2009

Sillyness and all that

[OOC] Silly me, I posted this blog entry under 'drafts' and didn't realise that this and one other entry were languishing in the no-man's land for a week. Sorry!

Back from a refreshing break and I had a full inbox and to-do list to work through. Operation Pew Pew is going well, this is our own worm hole project led by The Hellcats Mynxee and The Bastards's very own Ard and z0de. It was a decision made through consensus as interests in New Eden ebbs and wanes like the tides. A little change up in pace and location is just the tonic for us pirates. With no real logistical problems yet encountered, we're set up and doing 'business'. Of course, not all pirates are involved. While the alliance is quite small, we have just enough to keep up normal pirate operations as well as running the POS and working in worm hole space too. We have a set of objectives and an exit plan and whichever one is achieved first will decide on the next step for our worm hole adventures.

I for one, am not as involved in the worm hole venture due to the need to have someone, hold the fort and to guide operations for those pirates who also, can not find the time to join our brothers and sisters.

The loot we have acquired since the last money split needs a lot of love and I have tasked myself with the job of working through the entire inventory. Not for the faint-of-heart I can tell you.

I received an interesting offer from someone that I have heard who has been challenging pilots (mainly bloggers) to a 'celebrity death match'. I checked my time table and decided that this would be fun but insisted on a typical 'Bastard' condition. It would be a cruiser hull with battleship-sized weapon(s). You had to fit at least one but I am asking myself how it would be possible to even mount the thing let alone fly it.

Anyway, his blog is here. I would be very interested in hearing comments on possible ship set-ups that I can use.