5 Aug 2009

Pirate raid into null-sec and our probing kung-fu

I found myself some 48 jumps from my home system recently. The reason for such a detour was a stealth bomber and covert cloaked ship roam into syndicate led by z0de. In fact, we were headed for a system called, 'Pain', the official head quarters of The Bastards. Am sure this was for tax purposes only.

However, I had to return through 48jumps through low-security space and the journey was fun; with some have-a-go heroes chasing me and trying in vain to find and pop me in my hound.

Once back in Evati, it was time to go again and already a fleet of blood hungry pilots had already gathered. As I was getting ready for the fleet; n00bish and Alaki had already spotted some Minmatar militia members securing a military bunker.

"Flash, I have a rifter, vexor, thrasher and vengance on scan towards the military bunker." Replied n00bish, already out in his vengance. Jmaar also confirmed this and he was cloaked and close enough to the militia ships to spit on them.

"OK chaps - time to pay them a visit. Everyone undock and form up on Flash please."

The ships rumbled out, cruisers, frigates and one destroyer and we warped as a group towards the, as-yet-oblivious militia ships. As the warp tunnel dropped out around us, we landed approximately 80KM from the military bunker. N00bish, already ahead of us had raced towards the bunker and engaged all four protaganists in an effort to keep them in one place; ready for us.

I started to call primaries.

"Primary is Seraphine Keratus. Primary is Seraphine Keratus. Secondary is Sasawong. Secondary is Sasawong. Tiertiary is Kesi Rae. Confirm points. Confirm points."

The fleet pilots answered back with points and scramble and I grunted in satisfaction as I saw the vexor slowly bleed into armour. It took a bit longer than expected so it must have been plated. No matter, we had more than enough to kill it. Most FW pilots tended to travel in larger groups than these chaps and I was mindful of an incoming fleet, racing to their rescue.

I was also aware that most FW pilots fit their ships very cheaply: ship loss is a fact of life in the militia and thus, we decided to ransom only the pilots. If we could catch their pods. The vexor went down after a brieft spell of holding out from the hammering it was recieving and we turned to the thrasher who also went down, guns firing. The vengance was last as the rifter managed to sneak out and save his ship. He actually came back and finished the plex too - good on him.

We then went on a null-sec roam but it was not too lucrative; we missed out on three opportunities of isk and ransoms as the null-sec locals (a jittery bunch) evaded from us. We all came back in one piece though disappointed. Me0de who dropped out of the null-sec raid was busy probing down a worm hole and he eventually found a POS tower, with modules and no shields. He promptly requested for some help, in which The Bastards all responded to and they started the long job of taking the POS down. Unfortunately, the ransoms didn't go as planned and the POS owner, who logged on later to discover the attack was most upset and didn't feel like negotiating. Oh well. His POS tower went pop.

All in a days work I suppose.