28 Jul 2009

The first week or two

It's been two weeks or so since I was voted in as CEO of The Bastards and it has been a most interesting time. I handed over the recruitment stuff to Nova and Gorg and concentrated on a number of internal projects that we had to complete. Like any organisation, we had a number of process and personal issues that had to be dealt with and the buck now stopped with me.

Wielding my new found powers was a novel experience but the first thing I had to do was a long post detailing my plans for the corp and the means to achieve them. It was very similar to what RoninData had and speaking of that balded headed rascal, I expect to be seeing him back and online soon as I could do with his help on certain matters.

The CEO as a position, is important on a practical point of view (setting standings, paying bills etc) but this can be done by a director or a trusted member with sufficient rights. No, the CEO position is a figurehead and a role that someone must play. Most corps can operate on a day-to-day basis quite happily without any input from those with directorship roles and above but there are times when motivations drop, boredom sets in and the group detects a feeling of 'drift' in the corp that the CEO has to step in and provide leadership and the necessary corrective measures. It is easier if the CEO has had a certain degree of separation from the events in order to make as an objective decision as possible.

Anyway, recruitment is closing now and we're delighted with all of the new recruits; there's of new and exciting initiatives at The Bastards, not too many so as not to lose focus but plenty to keep people interested in the future.

Roll on....