14 Jul 2009


Yes, I am back. After two months away due to my mother's illness - she's recovering and now out of hospital and it means that I can slowly return to New Eden, The Bastards and The Hellcats and piratical mayhem.

A lot has happened, not least that our venerable CEO, RoninData has had to step down as CEO due to a change in his own real life situation. He hasn't left the corp let alone New Eden but had to cut back on his time. I was then voted in by the rest of the board and I was actually reluctant to take the role on. Due, in part to my own absence. I felt that I didn't have enough contact time with the other pirates in the group and I was personally lobbying for another director to take over. However, after a few late night sessions - we hammered out a deal and I took on the role of CEO over the weekend of the 11th/12th July. My motto will be 'more of the same, but with better organisation!'

Anyway, I was initially reluctant to accept; as I have been away for two months due to my own personal circumstances and was supporting the nominations for two other candidates. Still, this position as CEO is for a sixth-month term with caveats. This is at my insistence and a vote will occur between the directors when my time is up. This keeps things fair and fresh. Hell, I might be sick of the role so it gives me an exit strategy!

I have no desire to make major changes but some change is necessary. One was for me to push for one of our newer recruits, Gorgoleon to be promoted as our Euro Time Zone recruiter and speaking of recruits, we've been swamped once again. Oddly, 90% are from the US/CAN time zone so I can see that our American pirate-mates will get some new faces soon.

Updating The Bastards and The Hellcats via a newsletter took me a good part of the weekend but am satisfied with the results. So what does this mean for me, I think initially, I will be spending a fair bit of my time running the corporation and not actually doing much ingame. It is almost a full time role. However, I have already started to delegate tasks to the other directors and I am keen to build up a small cadre of dedicated FCs. Made up of pirates who have no desire to move into corporation management but still wants to accept roles of responsibility within the corp. To be honest, the FC is probably the most important role, they lead the pilots into space and it's to them to find the victories and to bring them all back in one piece. A tough challenging role indeed and I am encouraging my fellow Bastards and Hellcats to put themselves forward as FCs.

Anyway, am very excited about the direction of the corp and the goals we have ahead of us. Will post more on the goals and strategies we will be adopting over the next few days. Too much to put down in one post.

Plenty more to come but I am back. Yes, indeed - I am back.