25 Jun 2009

The Hellcats and The Bastards in the news.

The Girls are in the news!
Our sister corps, the all-female pirate corp, The Hellcats have been featured in an ISD News report. A nice write-up and yes, they are real-life females. As part of the interview, there's a ventrilo interview and all ops require voice comms. No chance of an account sharing boyfriend jumping in now is there?

Also, The Bastards recruitment is open once more. Click on this link to get the low-down on how to apply and see if you are suitable. We have a FAQ available as well though I apologise for the poor formatting....

Actually, sod it. Here it is below, the current The Bastards FAQ.

Recruitment FAQ

Q) Why do I have to submit my Limited API Key?
A) This is so we can check on your skills, and see how to integrate you into the corp the best.

Q) Is the API Key mandatory?
A) Yes, you will not even be considered unless it is provided. No screen shots.

Q) Why do I have to participate in a corp operation before I can get into the corp?
A) This is to allow the corp to test you and also to see if you like the corp. If you do not want to participate during the trial application period, why bother?

Q) What do you guys do?
A) We are a low sec pirate corp. We kill everything. Mission runners, mining operations, belt ratters, haulers... if it's flying, it will soon be dying (or singing as part of a ransom).

Q) What are the corp rules?
A) Other than common sense rules, e.g. do not kill corp or fleet members, honour ransoms and do not start smack in local. We are professionals after all. We have a corp policy document that all pilots must read and sign up to.

Q) Do you accept trial accounts?
A) No.

Q) Is there an age limit?
A) We require members to be over the age of 18. Some waivers may be given on a case by case basis but this is very rare.

Q) Is there an SP limit?
A) We currently have 6.5mil SP limit. This is still generally regarded as quite low and assumes that the 6.5M SP is focused towards PvP.

Q) I want to be an uber pirate killing everyone! I want to make ships explode starting day one!
A) Okay not really a question, but... you can be useful day one on your account while pirating, but you wont be soloing Battleships in your tiny frigate. However, working as part of a team, you can help us take down these ships.

Q) I'm new to the game, but really really want to be a pirate. I'm brand new to pvp will you teach me?
A) We have specialists covering every field of the game but we are NOT a training academy. If you want to learn piracy, we can assist but we regret that we will not be taking your application any further.

Q) What kind of ships do you all fly?
A) We fly everything, from Interceptors to Battleships. It all depends on what and how we are hunting for that day. You can have fun in anything but fly only what you can afford to lose.

Q) Is Pod Killing ok?
A) We are pirates, of course it's okay! However, we tend to ransom the pod at all opportunities.

Q) How long do I have to wait after submitting my application to know if I have been successful?
A) Normally, two weeks but if you have been rejected in anyway - you will be informed IMMEDIATELY. A decision is usually made within two-weeks.

Q) Am going on leave in real life. Is it worth me applying?
A) No. The two week process is a critical time for all applications and it's your time to impress. If you're not around, how can we assess whether you are suitable and vice versa?

Q) I am a member of a corp that is RED to you! Will I be shot at?
A) You are not BLUE until 1) You have been invited into a fleet and 2) joined our semi-public chat channel and subjected to active assessment. Both conditions will usually be completed together, but until they are met, beware.

Q) Do I have to drop down to -10 security status?
A) If you want to pod people and tackle them at gates, then your security status will drop. Enjoy your flashy status. Wear it as a badge of honour.

Q) Do you have access to 0.0 space?
A) We are free to roam anywhere and we do make frequent forays into 0.0 space, where the carebear is usually fatter but the space less populated. We mainly operate in low-sec.

Q) How about logistics - do you have a way to replace ships and ammo?
A) We do but only available to fully-fledged corporation members.

Q) How do you make isk?
A) Nearly all of us make all our isk from piracy. Whether through ransoms or loot drops. We have even scanned down empty ships and acquired them or forced a pilot to eject from their ship during a ransom. All loot sales are equally split up between all combatants involved. We have a unique and innovative automated system of loot inventory and sales. Check out: http://i-pirate.blogspot.com/search/label/loot

Q) Can I carebear when things are quiet?
A) Up to you but don't make it a habit. Much prefer for you to go out and make some noise.

Q) I have a main but want to pirate on an alt - can I?
A) No. Full-time pirates only please. Inactive corp members will first get their hangar access rights suspended then they get booted unless they have given prior notice to their AFKness.

Q) Can I do solo piracy?
A) Of course you can, just don't turn down too many fleet ops. Otherwise, why bother joining up?

Q) Do you have many blues?
A) Nope: only 2 corps are blue to us. One is our sister corp, The Hellcats. The only all-female pirate corp in New Eden. If you don't behave, they will discipline you.

Q) Do you have a forum?
A) Yes, very active and very informative. Access to corp members on successful application.

Q) You have a killboard?
A) http://www.the-bastards.com/kb

Q) Do you use teamspeak or mumble?
A) No, we use ventrilo and (rarely) EVE-Voice.

Q) You have a KB awards system? Cool!
A) Indeed - check out medals and ribbons here: http://the-bastards.com/kb/?a=corp_detail&crp_id=8275&view=rank_ribbons and we also have kill of the month with prizes.

Q) What about ranks? I need a rank right?
A) Of course, all that killing has to be recognised somewhere if only to boss others around, so yes - we have a ranking system too: http://the-bastards.com/kb/?a=corp_detail&crp_id=8275&view=pilot_ranks&page=1

Q) All of this sounds awesome, how do I get into the corp?
A) Step 1: Fill out the application which is located in the forums and you will be contacted in game. Watch your spelling please.