20 May 2009

Star Trekking, across the universe.......

Due to a real-life emergency (involving A&E 15 minutes before the kick off time) the much anticipated 'Star Trek' roam was postponed to a later date. It was to be a destroyer-based roam with each ship named after a 'famous' vessel from any of the Star Trek movies and series. To add more atmosphere; one had to try and use a signature quote from the film during an appropriate time during the roam.

Examples: 'Klingons on the starboard bow!' (enemy spotted) or 'She cannae take it Jim!' (overloading my guns is bad m'kay?).

You get the idea and I will re-organise this once I clear my time-table. I plan on FC'ing and doing roams at set times; just to give people some structure and the ability to plan. Star Trek Roam will go ahead.

Anyway, been quite focusing my efforts on recruitment; the current batch is being cleared down now and we're getting ready for the new batch, after the exhausted recruiters have had their break. Recently, there's been an update that has affected the agility of all ships. We decided to check out the rumours that frigates could now get caught quite easily without bubbles. We laughed that it wasn't possible. However, me and Snake Boy were proved to be in gross, error tonight and both were instantly caught by a camp and cut to pieces. However, every cloud has a silver lining and this means that we can now catch other ships just as easily! Bonus.

We chased a smaller fleet around around 21:00 but all who docked and logged off as soon as AntonioBanderas appeared in local! We were amazed to be honest. Earlier in the night, we were in frigates and were roaming around looking for kills and loot and I was lucky enough to have a drake land next to me at a gate and open up (illegally) at a neutral hauler. Not quite believing my luck, I pointed and webbed the drake and called in the backup. Who promptly and gleefully killed the foolish pilot.

So, a fun night - not being on for a few days; it was good to catch up with some of the pilots and find out what things are going on. The Bastards and Hellcats are a family and we care deeply for each other. Our forums are active and bursting with great content and threads. Examples include Bandies foodie thread - he can cook and very well it seems, Ronin's Music threads (this guy knows his sounds!) and the cool picture thread of us pirates in real life. Yes, some of us have decided to post our 'real' pictures up there and it is of great interest to me to see how they look in real life when compared to their vicious avatar persona.

Things are great at the moment; we as an organisation are getting stronger each day and we have ambitious but achievable goals in the near future. However, just wanted to end this post with a big thank you to all at The Bastards, The Hellcats and my readers.

So, to help with our Star Trek Destroyer roam, I would like to have a collection of ST quotes that I can either use or give to other fleet pilots to use. Pop your entries into the comments box........

.....and watch the current Star Trek movie, I loved it - like to hear your views dear reader.


Latrodanes said...


Good luck with your roam. Sounds like fun, you ebil piwats you. :-)

Cussbeard said...

(rushed for editing)
Since Batman Begins (2005 - Christian Bale), I've taken an interest in movies that go back to the provocateurs beginning, the story of how it all began. Star Trek was no exception..
CGI effects aided the story, as opposed to being the story. Felt let down for the almost forgotten roles Scotty plays. (I'd like to see more of that jolly kilted drinking miracle worker). Smiled at the tipoffs to how the Doc came by his nickname and Kirk's cheating of the Kobayashi Maru test, how it was possible for there to be bad blood between Vulcans and Romulans etc. Had to chuckle at how Bones mouthed 'are you out of your vulcan mind' like he was hinting the certain other colourful metaphor.
While the alternate universe of destroying the Vulcan and Romulan home worlds made for a great story setting, I came off feeling somewhat empty how it all ties in the canon story arc. Quantum entanglement or what ever the hell it's known as, was never my forte, so here's to the hopeful sequel that will help make sense of it all.

A good post by the way flash.

Yassir said...

I found the movie to be... Well it was good, I liked it. I thought the space combat was good, the hand to hand combat... not so much. Also escaping from a wormhole seemed....I don't want to say far fetched because obviously the entire thing is, but still....

On the whole I liked it and thought it was a good film....

Darth said...

Movie was great. Loved it though the Uhura and Spock 'thing' could have been more subtle. Casting was great too. As for quotes: 'Make it so!' - an obvious one.

Flashfresh said...

Oh - my thrasher will be called USS Enterprise; boring I know...but I would like to have a few catch phrases to use....

ps: had to repost everyone's comments. IDC is screwing things up again! Sorry!

Spectre said...

I just saw the movie last night. I definitely am a bit conflicted as to my feelings. It was entertaining and I enjoyed watching it but I still feel a little bit dirty knowing they took something that was always a little different and made it into a generic action flick. You probably could have named it "Super Space Chase IV: The Killering" and changed some character names and it would have still stood on its own. The scene in the beginning where Kirk drives the Corvette off a cliff while listening to Beastie Boys and talking on his Nokia phone with generic Nokia ringer... it made me shudder at how generic-modern-action-flick it felt. I also wasn't a big fan about how they forced in all the old characters with minimal background or reasoning just because they HAD to be there. It made all the characters feel extremely shallow. I kind of liked the alternate reality and time travel story but so much of what occurs in the movie is so incredibly far fetched that it's hard to take even a tiny bit seriously. Yes I realize that Star Trek has always been far fetched but this time it just felt more difficult to suspend my belief because the relationships and backstories of much of the characters were not very fleshed out.

Wow, I wasn't expecting to ramble that long. I guess I'm trying to say that I enjoyed watching it but it was generic and derivative and will not stand the test of time the way some of the other films or series have.

Mynxee said...

The new star trek movie was pretty good, worth paying to go see...but I'm guessing that your Star Trek Roam will offer more bang for the buck, dear Flash.

And speaking of pictures...yours is still missing. *poke poke poke*

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Fishyfishyfishyfishy said...

Oh man, here come the quotes:

Dammit, jim I'm a ( ) not a ( )

Don't call me tiny

I have been, and always shall be, your friend

They were just sucked into space
Blown, sir
Sorry data
Common mistake, sir

Eaten any good books lately?

You call this a favor?!

Punch it


I should have killed you when I had the chance

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