13 Mar 2009

Thrashed and do you know Cooch?

The Bastards have been taking part in an official war now against a nominally, anti-pirate corporation and their alliance friends for over a month now. We actually declared war on two corporations and are planning on increasing the number of declarations to encompass more of their friends. War declarations do cost a lot of isk and we don't like to waste it. So for now, we avoided declaring war on their alliance lackeys.

Why do pirates need to declare a war and have it recognised by Concord? Well, it is to allow us the chance to shoot said war-target on gates and stations without the interference from the cops. Yes, a war declaration is known in some circles as a bribe.

We give donuts to the cops to look away as we fire on legally recognised enemies.

However, since the war targets hang around with friends, most who are not our war targets (though we try to kill them as well) this has presented some interesting challenges for us. We have plans to deal with this as well. Meanwhile, some of us are racing out and dealing death and destruction to the war targets.

Rather than regale you with the tales, let me refer you kind reader to a video that General Coochie has put together of his (usually) solo actions. You will not be disappointed.

Not wanting to miss out the fun, we decided on the night before the big Aurora systems upgrade - we would try our luck and bum rush into the system where we knew there would be war targets. A mixed fleet of 16 ships, split into three squads made ready. It was a motley crew of t1 frigates, destroyers and ECM cruiser hulls.

We wanted fun and had Hera and RoninData ahead of us. As they entered the constellation, Hera informed us excitedly, "Maelstrom-class battle ship on scan." RoninData in his cheetah was already in system and started seeding probes around the nearest celestial object where the Maelstrom was last seen.

Banter was fast and furious on the corporation ventrilo server and finally, after a five minutes, RoninData announced a hit and started warping there. Hera gleefully asked to go in for the tackle. The rest of the fleet started to move and blasted past the rather lacklustre gate camp manned by some confused war targets.

Killing the maelstrom was easy, as was his coercer and thorax escorts. Loot was nice and some enterprising pirates also salvaged the ship wreck.

The night continued with a fun chase of a jaguar next door and ending with the fleet parking itself on the undock point of the war targets home base. We melted a deimos and then bugged out to check our loot.

Alia and Shae have both recounted the night's actions wonderfully well and much better than what I can do.

So is this war declaration and war actually working? Well our goal is simply to kill them without concord interference. We have no desire for their area of space or the moons or anything. So let's examine our two opponents:

Gemeinschaft Interstellarer Soldner

Their friends include:

Cloud 7 Nebulosa alliance (made up of nine corporations)
Free Doom Fighters (13 man corp)

To name only two.

There is also a lot of unaligned, pilots that we have seen, flying with them. They're either in other corporations (our list is growing) or they're ex-members gone back to the starter corporations.

The above named corporations can field some impressive numbers and COM-S are good fighters. As a whole, they have killed more of our ships then we have of them. They can bring capital ships and everything else, so a straight up slug fest will end up with us being killed for a heavy loss. This is something we have learnt. Our bigger ship losses were before the war declaration earlier this year; before we even realised that GIS and friends were moving in and trying to (and succeeding) in setting up a base that sits on one of our roaming routes.

Once we started the war declaration a month ago, we tightened up on our operations and changed our tactics.

Our campaign now....

Not bad, we have ended up with 59 kills to our 17 losses since the war declaration with a nice isk efficiency. However, we do have some distance to go to clean up the overall total head-to-head losses versus GIS and friends. We made some knuckle-headed moves in the past and we have since learnt our lesson. Now we usually pick our fights and engage them 1 v 1 or 1 v 3 with us mainly flying our t1 frigate hulls. As you can see, our T1 ships are more than a match for their T2 hull. Once again, I refer you to the excellent video that Coochie has put together, and if you're a fan of the incursus, then you are in for a treat.


Even with their falcon support and falcon alts. They do like their falcons and here's some evidence of this on their very own killboards: most used ship in combat? The Falcon.

Now to compare, one can check the GIS Campaign against us. Slightly different statistics, partly due to the differing isk values different killboards assign to ship kills and modules. Their KB shows 42 kills against us while sustaining only 25 losses. This discrepancy can be explained due to the different dates the campaigns began and the inclusion and exclusion of corporations. Our campaign statistics includes Com-S and their non-war declared friendly corporations and alliances but does not (yet) include any losses incurred by our sister corporation, The Hellcats while the GIS board includes The Hellcats but excludes Com-S and others. So all boards need to be referred to by all pilots to get a fuller, more accurate picture. There is no hint on either side of silly killboard manipulations.

Remember I said that these chaps can bring the numbers if you give them the chance? Check this bit out here.

33 v 5 - with Ms Pwnage being killed before the main fight at the station. To be fair, the remaining four losses were part of a bigger 7-8 VHI gang that got themselves pinned to the gate. Some of the VHI chaps managed to extract themselves and jump out. Still, I am impressed by their numbers that GIS and friends can put up.

Also, here's another... 37 v 5; not bad numbers!

So, if you give them a chance - they'll bring almost over whelming numbers, including falcons by the bucket load and avalanche you with the lot of them. It's their way of fighting so everyone best get used to it, there's no need to whine. For capsuleers New Eden is all about finding your own destiny and this is one viable method of fighting. Honourable one-versus-one duels do exist but this is a war. One just a need to adjust tactics to the right situation and success will follow.

We have renewed the war declaration, that should be enough doughnuts to keep the cops happy while we continue on our way.


Anonymous said...

Go bastards!

Anonymous said...

GIS et al: rich businessmen/soldiers used to fly expensive and effective equipment in elaborated teamplay
BASTERDS and Tussies: poor sobs who only can fight and tune their efficiency by being killed almost daily in cheapmost frigates whilst killing some carebear's hulk or some lone soldier in his 20times more expensive t2/faction/officer equipped ship.

Have you ever seen them flying in frigs except interceptors before ? Well, seing them flying in cheap shit like you now shouldn't be the best message for you. They are learning and they are teamplayers. Definitely not good for you in the long run.

Counting in that carebear ally in business with GIS is cheap and somewhat dishonest on your behalf.
See their Killboards and you see who is trained soldier and who is a easily killable stupid carebear.
Nothing more easy to kill a Hulk/Mackinaw to polish your KB-"Efficiency" when the only thing you obviously can afford to fly is a worthless frig. Naturally they'd have to kill hundreds of your frigs only to break even with one single Hulk-Kill on your side.
So your "efficiency" is just a worthless number. Taking Shipkills, you obviously are not a match for the Comstar Elite Squad and not even for those GIS-Folks only getting some score with carebears and it would be a real shame for you if you wouldn't even be able to get at least some score with carebears.

Now lets get to the point:
- Can you win against them ? Obviously not.
- Can you seriously harm their business ?
Obviously not.
- Can you really fight them soldiers ? Obviously not seriously.
- Can you fight them carebears ? Silly question - you are pirates, aren't you ? It would be a shame if you even can't match some carebears in their hulks.

Since there is nothing, really absolutely nothing for you to gain, what will you get ?

- Some nice Hulk-Kills
- Some Kills of some unlucky striders of them
- Being docked on station the rest of the day as soon as there is more then one guy of them in your local.
- Being killed all the time in cheap beginners frigs as soon as you cross their roads.

Sounds like a dumb Looser's Job.

Gratulations !

Cooch said...

Mr anonymous. I have 21 GIS kills and 26 losses. I don't really loose more then I kill. I happily trade 2 frigs for every t2 ship of theirs anyway.


1. its isk efficient I loose maybe 500k every loss. They loose maybe 25mill every loss

2. Its fun =)

3. GIS and friends never really attack unless they feel sure about winning. So there is no point for us to field 20 caps and 100BS even if we could. T1 frigs obviously worked at my efficiency.

Why would we ever bring anything slow and big to fights where we know we will get out blobbed? Its just stupid.

What the killboard isn't saying about your "elite" corps is that most of my kills arent against some noob who was dumb. I bring a T1 frig against a gang of 2-10 and I still manage to kill one of their t2 frigs and in some cases I even get out alive. If you watch the video linked in blob you will see ;)

I had a taranis (from your mentioned elite pvp corp, trained soldier) and a daredevil against me and yet I kill the taranis and get the daredevil to 5% structure before I die.

Yeah some of wartargets pilots are really good, but so are we. And some are not as good, but let me tell you that goes for all corps.

As for killing mackinaws and hulks, hey we are pirates thats what we do?! Should also be noted that the hulk wasn't ship of interest in that fight but the navy mega and kronos who were also about. (and we did kill the navy mega)

Cooch said...

And to get to your point

- Can you win against them ? - Sure we can't they are like 50 times as many as us.
- Can you seriously harm their business ? - No but its fun something you dont seem to grasp.
- Can you really fight them soldiers ? Obviously watch my video.
- Can you fight them carebears ? Silly question - you are pirates, aren't you ? Yeah it is a silly question we are pirates doh..

Cooch said...

Also thanks for linking my video in the blog flash!

Keep up the nice blogging mate

Hack said...

GIS et al: Soldiers of questionable talent attempting to claim lowsec space because they'd be spanked in 0.0 by any corp with more than 50 members.

Look at the killboards, why should the bastards fly anything bigger in to falcon heavy blobs when they can kill so many in T1 hulls.

Efficiency is easy to tune when GIS use navy-megas to kill cruiser sized rats in belts. Or trying bait traps, but forgetting to actually point anyone before the blob arrives.

Given the level of competence displayed in your losing so many T2 frigates to T1 frigates, you should be thankful the bastards dont get in more expensive ships, or your falcon heavy empire would likely crumble very quickly.

Raelyf said...

lol - he doesn't get it.

Rodney said...

so basically if i shorten your second paragraph a little bit to remove the unneccesary waffle i get something like this

BASTERDS and Tussies: poor sobs who only can fight and tune their efficiency by...[waffle]... killing some ...[waffle]... soldier in his 20times more expensive t2/faction/officer equipped ship.

Ard said...

Bring on the falcon nerf.

What will GIS and friends do?