12 Feb 2009

Frigates are deadly

Battlecruiser roam. 20:00 ET. RD
That was the message of the day on the main corporation chat channel. After the alliance tourney had completed with PL victorious; it was business as usual for The Bastards. Nothing like a battle-cruiser roam to start the ball rolling. With new recruits all lining up to join in; it was important now to get some momentum going with the corporation. I flipped open my ship inventory and scanned the war-machines available to me. Five hurricane-class battle cruisers glowed a welcoming green, indicating their ready status. All fuelled up with a full complement of ammunition and drones. Too many times we have had pilots spending time fitting and re-fitting ships when they should have been undocking and roaring to action. I have vowed to avoid this as much as possible.

"All fleet assemble at undock point in three minutes." Said RoninData; our FC for tonight.

Slipping into the pod and linking into the ship was completed in less than a minute and I was out in the familiar Evati sky.

As we ambled through into and then through Egmar we loitered on the gate; checking intel and communication channels when there was a gate activation. Whoever it was, held the gate cloak for as long as possible but then physics kicked and a lovely Nighthawk de-materialised right in front of us.

I got a point and barrelled into it.

"Point!" I said as my ship went into red alert. Already my crew were preparing to swap the ammunition hoppers from the ever reliable Rep Fleet EMP to the more specialised Hail ammunition. My 425mm auto canons spun up and belched out the deadly ordnance, as did the rest of the fleet. The Nighthawk is a specialised command ship with the typical Caldari top-of-the-range shield systems. It didn't stand up to the massive punishment dished out by this battle cruiser gang. Within another 15 seconds it was down to a sliver of hull and then it disappeared in a blossoming ball of debris as our fire power pulverised the once deadly ship.

We killed the nighthawk but should have moved on - however the presence of a Fed Navy Megathron was just too juicy to avoid. It screamed 'trap' but we went in anyways and would have killed it if it wasn't for....another Fed Navy Mega and an oneiros with friends...oh well.

Frigates can still kill you!
However, with great pleasure that later on I read a fantastic account of how a Bastards Frigate gang with some potential new recruits tackled and killed a rorqual just outside of his POS! Mynxee was in on the action and her recounting of the tale 'tis a fun read indeed!

New recruitment is open!
Yes, the pool is now open and many thanks for all your patience. In the space of a week we've had over a dozen apply; in addition to the applications we had to put on hold. Of note we have had an application from the famous Caldari Piratess herself, Alia Xi as well as some long term residents of the Independence channel in 3Jayne and others. A strong crop indeed and already, a couple have been involved in some hilarious kills. Just to show you that a recruit can have an immediate impact: Hera Darkthorn (time in corp: one month) has been top of the killboard for weeks and has generated some of the best responses....

Hera Darkthorn > hey g***a
Hera Darkthorn > 50m for the pod
G***a Lucifer > you stupid c**t. i am on a f**king trailaccount... go f**k yourself you f**king idiot bastard motherf**kker... my every demon in satans legions f**king kill you in your sleep.

Please note that this individual came back to grab his loot and was promptly podded. Am sure the rant continued. He was in low-sec and no doubt disregarded the Aurora warning.

So please keep the applications flowing in and you might get your own stalkers and fans. Haven't been on many more fleets due to processing the applications but I don't mind!


Raelyf said...

I'm pleasantly surprised to hear Alia will be signing up with us. I actually found your blog through a link she posted, and it was your blog that convinced me to leave my 0.0 corp and sign up with you guys.

Jaxx said...

OMG - super stuff. You Bastards seem to have the fun. Great showing in the AT!

Funniest smack I have seen in a while. Keep this blog up as it helps me pass the day!

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