28 Feb 2009

EVE Pirate Speedlinking Feb 2009

I believe Love was in the air....what did YOU do on the 14th February?

Oh, an article penned by yours truly has made it into print for E-ON #14. Read Crazy Kinux's account of this issue.

Now, onto the existing Pirate Bloggers what have they been up to?
  • A most audacious Rorq kill with frigates is recalled with the usual smooth writing skills of Mynxee and her Hellcats. A new Hellcat was being put through her paces and what an introduction to pirating! Even everday stuff; there's always something to write to about so it's not all continuous pirating. Mynxee has time for other more refined things. Not for long, even when not pirating Mynxee is active (wink) and she's been successfully exploring hidden sites around New Eden and she's been lucky enough to get some nice loot. As Mynxee says, 'it's not all about the yarr'. Finally, I have to tip my hat off to Mynxee for starting up and maintain her excellent discussion series, now onto her fourth topic. Do drop by and leave a comment on mentoring and training in New Eden.
  • Jorge Belda has come back to The Bastards after wandering solo for a few weeks. I suppose the calling for the yarr was too much. However, I strongly suspect that he has his eye on lovely, deadly, man-eating Shae. Jorge's excellent Dark Omen series (now chapter 3) raised an eyebrow or two.
  • Kane Rizzel continues to be the best solo pirate bar none in New Eden. This is not just my own opinion but that of other pirates and pilots alike. In his post, 'The Sun doesn't always shine' - Kane reveals a day in the life of. While he is disappointed with his kill / loss ratio (I wouldn't!) one can see the professionalism and dedication in the pilot as he continues to cut his own bloody path through New Eden. A week earlier, he managed to kill nine frigates, four destroyers, two interceptors and eight pods....all for the cost of two rifters! Now that is solo god hood in itself. Kane reckons that he had help from the voices say kill. Who is to argue? I have said it before; for anyone who wants to fly solo, check out Kane's blog. This guy is awesome-sauce.
  • Ever seen a battle badger or a killer mammoth? Industrials can be slow and unassuming but they can be modified to be armed and very dangerous. Hallan joined some friends on a pirate industrial prowl and his account is fun and exciting. Pirate Hauler Roams coming to a system near you. However, it was this powerful post that I wanted people to read and to digest. We're now at war with GIS and friends and Hallan sums up our mentality in the last couple of lines in 'this is where we fight...' and well as this stirring post in who you should always stand beside. Epic and stirring stuff. THIS-IS-HALLAN and don't you chaps forget it.
  • Now why do I wear shades? It's because I like them not because through some inbreeding I have ended up being cross-eyed! However, Shae's cat managed to run off with them a couple of days ago and somehow, Shae managed to get a picture of me groping around the bottom of the table. I do like that picture though. Well done Shae and I spent the rest of the day with Asa on my lap purring away. She's kinda adorable. However, Shae is without doubt one of the better writers out there and she was invited by EVE-Mag to submit a piece. I loved it and so will you, 'Basters at Twenty Paces' indeed. As one of the more busier bloggers - she and Mynxee (to name two) has taken the group-story-blog approach and weaved it into a gripping and coherent tale. Reading Jorge's 'Dark Omen' series and Shae's accompanying 'Dark Omen' post to see how the story unfolds.
  • Ka Jolo's recounts in some detail a recent roam with his gang and based on the comments from his readers, he's done a fine job with The Tuskers and I especially enjoy the smaller scale fights they get into and he lastest entry (about 4 weeks ago I might add) is called 'Yo-Ho'. A tale of a small fleet killing a ton of other bigger ships.
  • Biz Quick indulges in some enjoyable RP, tipping his hat to Mynxee and Sard.....in Sort of Drunk.
  • 'Armor plates and Smacktalk is a funny account by Marleus of Ironfleet zips around in his crane and hovers up wrecks all around New Eden...much to the chagrin of aggrieved care bears. Marleus is a pirate at heart but instead of blasting people to scrap, he cuts them up through witty ripostes and steady nerves.
  • We all thought that he would be gone for good but no, Spectre3353 is back. Some odd non-EVE postings but I can't argue with his kills as of late. In his latest post he tells us of his 'escape'. He continues with a new post on just why, Spectre is an inspiration. Welcome back you scurvy sea-dog.
  • Pirates do shoot each other and even the pirate bloggers, who I respect right across the board, should shoot each other. As I did with Avan Sercedos, who's latest post is a fun treatment of the joys of the ECM Drone. He recently joined The Tuskers too so hats off to you!
  • I love rifters and no-one else (bar Kane) pushes the twin-hulled frigate as had as Wensley, if you want to be enthused over why this T1 frigate hull is the best in it's class, read his post: the frigate that can not die.
  • Not too sure whether Cussbeard has embraced the yarr but yes, skill training is still required. A short post by CB.
  • Venom has a short burst of posts just to tell peeps that she is around but should be landing in Evati soon.
New (well to me) Pirate Blogs:
  • There will be Pew is a new blog entry for a pirate calling himself Kor Anon; a very good report on his yarring antics here in his first week report.There is also a link on his blog to his first yarring video. Of course, his name has already generated a couple of comments relating to copyright - there appears to be a fair few 'Kor Anons' and close variations of this name.
Finally, there's some wonderful changes coming now in New Eden and look at the new ship fitting screen....


Avan Sercedos said...

My poor t1 fit Stabber T_T

Thanks for the link!

Shae Tiann said...

'Man-eating'? I think you have me confused with Mynxee and Venom there! ^__^

Sarah Barah said...

Sad, I still don't count. No January pirate love for me or February either. *sniffle*

Flashfresh said...

Hi Sarah/EVE Chick

So sorry my dear; I did make a note since your last remainder to me and I can see under a draft version that EVE chick....but I must have did something dumb.

Will remedy soonest.


Mynxee said...

Thanks for all the link love, dear Flash. I don't have a CLUE what Shae is talking about!!!

Jorge Belda said...

Thanks for the link my friend. up to Chapter 5 now actually!

Anonymous said...

Yea Shae, what are you talking about? ;) hehe snicker. Yes! I'm back, sorry for the two week hiatus.

but ty ty for the linky poo!

Anonymous said...

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