30 Dec 2008

Broadsword and Christmas Cheer!

Piracy continues in New Eden even though there is festive cheer and joviality around. I linked in only briefly to here the cackling of Sarge on our vent server. He was in his maelstrom-class battleship and was busy popping anything that was venturing through into Evati through the Todifrauan gate. I was in my broadsword with a sensor booster but as soon as I resolved my lock on a target; Sarge had already popped it. His Maelstrom was equipped with 1400mm tech2 artillery pieces but he was backed up with an unknown number of sensor boosters with scan resolution scripts hacked into it. He could lock a target almost as fast as a frigate and then destroy them in one salvo.

Scary stuff indeed.

Within 30 minutes, the space around the gate was a hazardous scrap yard. Destroyed ship hulls drifted around, bumping into each other. I was not able to do much so docked up and checked the buy orders.

Sarge talks about his ship and that day here.

I so wanted to get a kill on either side of the new year but alas; it wasn't possible.

Happy New Year all.


Mynxee said...

Happy New Year, dear Flash. I wish for you a killboard overflowing! And all the other good stuff, of course.

Anonymous said...

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