6 Nov 2008

New recruits and Jubes er, appendage.

Just something from Loth and a 'typical' Bastards gank squad and the belief by some pilots, that they have unbreakable tanks.....

New Pilots
Yet more new applicants from Python Cartel and others; we welcome you all.

Shader24 - Accepted
Atheist Priest - Accepted
Euan8 - Accepted
Comy2 - Accepted

We've been processing the applicants as quickly as possible and the above four have already joined our gangs and contributed positively to the corp and made great effort to work with us. One can't argue with this and their applications, so far checks out. So once again, welcome and may you have targets appear before your gun sights every day!

Something funny from own forums

''Jubes wrote: My penis is huge and I can smash buildings with it''

This was Jubes reply when we asked for all our pilot's skills and areas of expertise. I can't really argue against this now can I? Had to put it in. Just had to.

1 comment:

Mynxee said...

*grins* at that comic. "Your Last Christmas" indeed, LOL!

As for Jubes, *Mynxee facepalms, but would be unable to resist clicking the link for the video...errr..."documentary".