17 Oct 2008

EVE Pirate Blog speed-linking October 2008

New Pirate Blogs:
A shout out to two new pirate blogs, both by corp mates:

We have San Rintuu and VBSarge.

Also, the Hellcats (those crazy women-only pirates) have a new blogger with them: Step forward 'Karjan' and her literary offering, 'Hooking my claws into the void...' Great title and good posts; am expecting more. She joins 'Life in low sec' by Myxnee and 'Sweet little bad girl' by Shae Taen to form a unholy triumverate of female Hellcat blogging power.

Recent Pirate Blogs That I Read And Liked:
  • There's a wonderful write up by San of a hook-up between The Bastards and The Hellcats. San's account oozes with his customary style and humour. I loved it. Read it here.
  • Everyone loves George Michael and The Bastards decided on a roam with nothing but T1 cruisers (mainly ruptures and thoraxs) with the following caveats: no tank and each one named after a famous WHAM ! or George Michael song. Was it funny? Yes. Was there pain being dished out? Yes. Will The Bastards do it again? Hell yeah. Watch out for some 80s band coming to a constellation near you. Take it away George.
  • Does honour exist in New Eden? Of course it does but KaJolo goes into some depth into it's discussion and how it applies to piracy. A thoroughly enjoyable read. KaJo talks about Honour in New Eden.
  • Mynxee and her hell cats have been on my radar for a while and our very own San Rintuu had inspired her to create her very own comic strip. Looking forward to some more great content from the CEO of the women-only pirate corp, The Hellcats. Life in Low Sec: Those Bastards Made Me Do It
  • Well Lanissum certainly lives up to his reputation as an uncaring carebear. The evemail from the angry pod pilot he ransomed sometimes makes the world go round and round. Read Yarr Yum here: Yarr Yum: New Home, New Gang, New Targets.
  • For those who ask, why do you pirate? Well one reason is that the loot and isk to good. Another is that we're doing something that is challenging and fun. Yet another reason is amply recounted by Spectre3353 as he hunted and killed a very angry noob. Read and drink in the tears here: EVE Newb: Killing Stuff Is Fun
  • One of my best friends and colleagues is Kane Rizzel. He is balls to the wall type of pilot and still one of only a handful that I know who still pirates more or less solo. A very hard man, a very able pirate, a very good writer. This following post is writing in a very winning style...Kane Rizzel - a Pirates Perspective: I get knocked down, but I get up again.
  • Blinky Blinky is a new blog, by Avan Sercedos. A rather angry, slighty crazy Caldari. I love it. More please.


Mynxee said...

I follow the pirate blogs pretty closely but your pirate speed-linking posts make it easy to share them with others--I just give your link to the curious. Thanks! And ♥♥♥ for all the Hellcats love.

Spectre said...

I'm really glad you are doing this now FF. Just one suggestion: You should probably put that "EveNewb" blog at the top of your list. I hear it is the best pirate blog out there.

Flashfresh said...

@Spectre: LOL; okey dokey.

Anonymous said...

please change your text color , is hard to read :(

Mynxee said...

*rollseyes* at Spectre and laughs.