26 Aug 2008

OK - looks like I might be turning out the lights..

Since my last entry, I came back from the Auga fleshpots after a long two-week lay-off. Much refreshed in body and soul. Once I deemed it safe and I was back into low security space, I re-logged into the various communication channels just prior to my arrival into Gusandall.

I was greeted by silence on most of the corporation channels. Disappointed but not too surprised, I scanned the email box. I did not read the contents initially but quickly skimmed the names of the senders and was saddened to see the remainder of the active Black-Flag pilots saying their good byes. The killboard was already inactive and so too was the forum.

Finally docking up in Gusandall - all was quiet with the usual haulers milling about the station and near the gates. I toyed with the idea of going outside in the maelstrom and blowing the hell out of all of them. It was a silly and unproductive idea and I threw it away as I entered my hangar bays. My crew was out and about but I took out one of my rifters for a spin and out into the black.

Did not catch anything but nor was I expecting to - just nice to be back in space and the rush of a micro warp drive activating. Anyway, am back in Gusandall and will need to see what happens next. It will no doubt involve lots of explosions and people dying; but that is to be expected, yes?

For immediate attention were a number of angry emails from the station owners demanding isk for hangar rental. Even pirates have to pay taxes and fees it would appear. The corporation hangars were more or less empty now - most of the hangar contents liberated but there wasn't much in them to begin with. There was some ammunition left and a few nondescript but secured boxes but that was it. There was no change in CEO or in the directors though Sarvic, who was to take over, had already bade farewell a couple of days after I went on leave. No one else stepped up to take over but since we're pirates and not corporation monkeys - it was to be expected. No more gangs equals no more fun and loot and that is death to a pirate.

Enough rambling. Am going to get into my beloved hurricane, and kill someone. See you all out there!


RoninData said...

Please don't leave us, Flash! We love you. <3

Kane Rizzel said...

Good to have you back in Gus.

Sad development though but does this mean Independent Pilots will become active again? :P

Anonymous said...

Sad to have watched the end of a corp that I had a lot of fun flying against, or hiding from, in Eifer. Good luck with whatever's next, Flash.

Ronan said...

A bittersweet return! Good luck with new beginnings.

Mynxee said...

Sad, but as is often observed, nothing in New Eden is permanent. Once you find your bearings, I look forward to more frequent reports of your enviable pirating adventures.

Flashfresh said...

@RoninD - I am not going anywhere. If there's space on your gangs, then 'x' me up.

@Kane - IDP will probably be back in the future but am not going anywhere. See you out there mate!

@Wensley - Thanks but I let's 'meet' sometime eh?

@Ronan - Cheers mate and yeah, bittersweet but change is good.

@Mynxee - Will do, 'tis a temporary thing really. Change is good, have a few skills I need to develop but then it's back out 'there'.

Edcognito said...

Flash, glad to hear your not going anywhere.

Your one of the reasons I got into Eve in the first place.

I remember reading of some of your fights and saying to myself "S**T! I've gotta try that!"

Glad I did.

Good luck, and may all your targets be suprised!