15 Apr 2008

Always kill someone. Always.


Due to real-life issues I missed the big corp operation that involved Black-Flag, Hellequin and The Bastards moving some assets and ships up to a 0.0 staging spot. As I stated a few week's back; Black-Flag are roaming now and not just a 'one-evening-let's-saddle-up-and-go' type of roam but more of a 'hello-we're-going-to-be-here-for-a-couple-of-weeks' type of roam. Logistics is the key here and a supply chain needs to be set up that can drip feed supplies and ships to cover losses and consumables. All this takes time to set up so pirating actions have been limited now as we concentrate on getting a decent forward base, supply caches and routes. Not too sure how the locals will react but we should soon find out. After a period, we will then move out to another area. We'll always come back to Gusandall however - it's our home where most of us cut our teeth.

I need to contact Viper Sam to see what needs to be done - I still need a ship there at the forward operating base and will have to get ready when the next operation is in order.

Meanwhile, I have not been idle.

++Meet the Maelstrom++

Yes, the newest ship to join the Black-Flag line-of-battle ships went for a shake down cruise and came back, no kills but with an extremely happy Captain. The current fit is confidential but does utilise the bonuses of the maelstrom-class battleship to the extreme. I would be interested in comparing other ships setups with other pirates. Am sure there are some very interesting fits out there. Needless to say, the maelstrom will provide much needed DPS to any engagement, one can have too many points but never too much DPS. Am still a tad worried about it's resistance to ECM however as I seem to see Falcon-class recon ships with most gangs over three ships in the fleet.

++Always kill everything++

Always kill everything. Always. Blow up all ships. Check the wrecks. Always.


Because of this.

Keanez is a new member of the Independence channel but he was quite excited today and well, goddamn is all I can say.

Nice haul!!!!

++Other bits++

Just a quiz but I have spotted some very odd portraits and I wonder if we can identify them? Most are either friends of mine, people I have killed or readers of this blog. The portrait mash-ups are due to come cock-up with the 'puter am using.


Ah what about kills? I snagged a rifter and a thrasher on my lunch break. The rifter was ratting in Eifer and I was in my jaguar. Very one-sided unfortunately but I was in it to help hunt out a cyclone that was meant to be moving around. Using the local scanner, I quickly pin-pointed the craft at the IV-1 belt and making sure that weapons were all warmed up, I jumped in and dispatched the pilot effortless. I was a noob however as I failed to snag the pod - been playing with my overview settings and the 'capsule' was not now visible. Very silly.

The Thrasher was a bit tougher, but not by much.

Oh, some funny back-chat by some after some pirate (Lucius - see below) tried to snag him:

[13:43:10] Gerfem > LOL @ pirate who tried to kill me....I HAVE A WARP STABILISER BEOTCH!

Er, indeed.

++Old Friends++

Finally a welcome return to an old friend of mine: Lucius Cain. He left the area and joined up with Blood Corsair's but the alliance (Blood Blind) finally closed down and now Lucius is back in his old stomping grounds and I welcome him back to the Independence channel.

Welcome back Luc!

The scariest looking pilot in EVE.............


Anonymous said...

I recognize the second one as Nova Blackadder

Anonymous said...

I think the split face one is General Coochie?

Coochie said...

Hes that is me, I didn't know I had such nice teeth.