19 Mar 2008

Two new additions and Real-Life Crunch

New Recruits

Black-Flag welcomes Nova Blackadder and Snake Boy. They've both been flying with us now and have managed to contribute to the fleet and to the organisation. They're good pilots, willing to learn and blood thirsty to boot. Nova currently leads the Black-Flag killboard.

Snake was accepted only yesterday as he fulfilled all our entry requirements and can now fly the basic line-of-battle-ship: the hurricane, suitably fitted out as per Black-Flag modifications.

As a group, we're moving towards the next set of ships to complement the main fleet. This should give us more flexibility when it comes to engangements, large and small. Viper Sam has been pushing the Black-Flag pirates hard to instil discipline and consistency in performance. We want to eliminate complacency, fat and sloth from the group and if the cat 'o' nine tails needs to be deployed or a bit of keel-hauling, then so be it.

We need to remind ourselves why we're here and why we do what we do....which is to pirate, to pillage and kill people.

Black-Flag has been exploring other avenues of revenue generation but I have not jumped into the internal discussions at this point in time. To me, it will dilute my time spent hunting, though one needs isk to continue, that it true! Food for thought indeed.

Real-Life Crunch

Well, it had to happen: work installed a proxy server and now I can not access EVE during the day when I am on my quiet periods. Also, have problems accessing MSN and forums as well though I have discovered a way!

This reduces the time available to me until I can figure out how to connect and stay connected long enough to play. No matter, I need to find a way. Can't go cold turkey for too long.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Luckily I'm in charge of our firewall, but my monitor is quite visible and therefore I need to alt-tab fairly often.
As a consequence I have picked up some industry skills and do a little trading in-between.

Anonymous said...

You can still play through a tunnel (HTTP or SSH). If you know more about your firewall config I'll maybe able to help...

Alia Xi said...

It was probably shouting "WARP TO WHO?" at the top of your voice in the office that did it :p


It sucks either way, hopefully they'll be a work around