5 Mar 2008

Null-Sec Roam and How Can I Be A Pirate?


Roaming towards null-sec is a lot of fun, for me - it's the ability to engage anyone without the worry of a global criminal countdown or sentry gun fire. Wonderful! In a fast vagabond / stabber gang (with a cheetah and myrmidon in support) we zipped through into the Great Wildlands for some fun. It's something the corp doesn't do on a regular enough basis but targets are quite thin on the ground. For 75% of the journey, our gang were the only ships in local. We did manage to snag a scorpion who landed a few seconds after we did. A tackle was made and the scorpion went down very quickly, before he could even resolve his own target locks. We scrambled the pod and attempted a ransom on the pilot. The pilot did not respond to our ransom attempts and he was subsequently podded. Our roaming gang caused a massive amount of damage in a short amount of time too.

SnakeBoy was ahead of us and due to GUI glitch his ship froze up just as a potentially hostile cyclone-class battlecruiser came in towards his position on gate. In a few seconds, Snake managed to blurt out that he was being targeted. We all jumped in and discovered that Snake was at 45% hull and had just managed to regain enough control to warp out. The cyclone, seeing our gate fire, immediately warped out as well.

We had no desire to chase this guy around in the system as we suspected he would be brining in reinforcements so we pushed on and homeward. The remainder of the journey resulted in no more kills.

How can I be a pirate?

Okay, had a fair people send me evemails and / or fire off conversations with me and a fair few ask me variations of the following questions: how do I become a pirate - it's not a career path that I can find!

Piracy in New Eden is a way of playing. It isn't something that you suddenly get assigned to or a class you assume or skills you need to pick up before you become a pirate. In New Eden, you become a pirate simply by getting into your ship and heading into space and then shooting someone. Or ransoming them. Or stealing their cargo. It's up to you but be aware of the consequences.

Pirates are criminals though not all criminals are pirates.

Pirates Yarr a lot.