6 Feb 2008

Can not kill what we can not catch....

Viper and Grun and Jubes were all out hunting when I hooked into the fleet network. They had already destroyed a brutix but were having problems with taking down two Dominix-class battleships in our hurricanes. It certainly did not help that Viper Sam was also taking on sentry fire too.

So two hurricanes (three including me, en-route) versus two dominix-class battleships and sentry fire. Sounds fun.

However, the end result was a stale mate: we could not get enough DPS onto the dominix in time to kill it before it docked. Sam was also being hit by the sentry fire while I was not, one of the Dominixes having locked and fired on me as I approached the station. We had to share the sentry fire to have a chance so I fired on the station!

The two domi pilots stayed close to the station and stopped firing to ensure that they could dock up before they were into too much damage. With Sam continually getting hit by sentry fire - it was an uphill struggle. Still, we left the fight with a brutix kill. Not bad.

A vagabond (then a sleipnir) was next, expertly piloted by Mr Yoda, a PL pilot who showed everyone what a nano'ed Sleipnir can do. It easily hit 3000 metres per second and could disengage from our hurricanes at will. We decided that we could not go about chasing this ship, as attractive a target as it was.

We can't kill what we can't catch.