17 Jan 2008

Teamwork FTW!!

I might give up putting myself forward as bait. Twice I have baited for a fleet / gang and twice I got mauled because either the gang wasn't paying attention or they were positioned too many jumps away and thought I was next door.

No matter, I fly only what I can afford to lose but still, I want to be in on the kill.

There was a lot of fun today however, Tsuyoshi Takeru is a new-ish pilot interested in join Black Flag and he has been flying around with us in mixed gangs. A decent thorax pilot and one hopes he moves across into the Hurricane and Claymore class ships. We are sorely in need of more ships like this.

He helped me tackle down a couple of marks in Eifer yesterday and he was around today. Heinz was around today but had to bail. So I was moving around the local systems, chilling out and chatting to other pirates. I was in my slasher - love it 'cause it's fast and nimble. I saw an old foe (almost a friend now) in local, OriasV. He was now in Katugumur and he undocked seconds after I had docked. I sat in the docking bay getting new ammo and then, I too undocked. OriasV was outside in a Jaguar-class assault frigate. He obviously locked me but I was already in warp before he completed his cycle. I made a mental note of this and wanted to come back in a rupture to kill him.

When I docked up in Gusandall, I noticed that OriasV was there in local. I doubt very much he followed me but then again, who knows? I reckoned he was probably going to the angel complex entrance. That complex is like a magnet for many pilots so all things being equal, I reckoned he was en route there. Being a smaller 2/10 class complex, it could not accept a rupture-class ship so I downgraded to a wolf-class assault ship and undocked. Hitting the scanner, I confirmed that the Jaguar was jumping around, maybe ratting but more than likely checking out the local belts for something tasty to snack on. I warped straight to the angel complex entrance and waited.
Tsuyoshi Takeru was still in the station, prepping his thorax-class ship while I knew, just knew that OriasV was now closing in. Maybe he scanned me to the entrance and wanted to kill me or may be not, no matter - I was there waiting for him.

The fight was exciting though I was on the other side of the gate and I bumped into it a few times. He was fast with a fantastic shield tank. It was a very close thing however, I had broken his tank but I had to pulse the afterburner to ensure that I could keep the Jaguar within my optimal. To be honest, OriasV had the upper hand right at the end and had killed me a fraction before he went down.

However, it's what happened after the fight that had everyone else in the Independence channel laughing.....

The transcript follows:

[Accessing Voice Logs. Pilot: Flashfresh. Location:Gusandall.Date: 2008.01.17]
[Encrypting for FTL transmission....]
[Received and de-crypting]
[Spooling to chosen audio device]

[ 2008.01.17 16:13:32 ] flashfresh > OriasV, hmmmm he is fast.
[ 2008.01.17 16:13:38 ] flashfresh > I need a webber on this thing...
[ 2008.01.17 16:13:49 ] flashfresh > hmmmm.
[ 2008.01.17 16:15:13 ] flashfresh > I am going to wait around the 'plex entrance.
[ 2008.01.17 16:15:22 ] flashfresh > Should be fun.
[ 2008.01.17 16:15:34 ] flashfresh > Yoshi - come out in 'rax and sit near the gate angel plex.
[ 2008.01.17 16:15:42 ] flashfresh > Am sure that OriasV will come here.

Sound: Idle chat and music in the background; suddenly - there is the faint but distinctive sound of a claxon blaring away as an enemy ship comes into range.

[ 2008.01.17 16:15:56 ] flashfresh > <RED ALERT! CONTACT! CONTACT!>
[ 2008.01.17 16:15:58 ] flashfresh > To me yoshi!
[ 2008.01.17 16:16:05 ] flashfresh > To angel plex in your rax
[ 2008.01.17 16:16:16 ] flashfresh > Anyone?
[ 2008.01.17 16:16:27 ] flashfresh > I have him pointed!
[ 2008.01.17 16:16:29 ] WayCharles > i am too far sorry
[ 2008.01.17 16:16:45 ] flashfresh > Yoshi!!!!
[ 2008.01.17 16:16:59 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > omw
[ 2008.01.17 16:17:06 ] flashfresh > Angel plex
[ 2008.01.17 16:17:44 ] flashfresh > Point him - my cap is running down.
[ 2008.01.17 16:17:46 ] flashfresh > Web him too.
[ 2008.01.17 16:18:02 ] Lucius Cain > Need a hand?
[ 2008.01.17 16:18:35 ] flashfresh > FUCK!
[ 2008.01.17 16:18:37 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > webbed and pointed
[ 2008.01.17 16:18:48 ] flashfresh > fuck
[ 2008.01.17 16:18:51 ] flashfresh > get his pod
[ 2008.01.17 16:19:05 ] flashfresh > not mine!!!
[ 2008.01.17 16:19:08 ] flashfresh > not mine.......
[ 2008.01.17 16:19:13 ] RayTruz > lol

Sound of a squish and then static...
There is a groan as someone wakes up with a splitting headache in a cloning vat.

[ 2008.01.17 16:19:21 ] flashfresh > Idiot.
[ 2008.01.17 16:19:57 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > Did I get you ?
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:00 ] flashfresh > That was one major stupid there Yoshi
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:06 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > jesus.
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:06 ] flashfresh > You podded me. Idiot
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:12 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > fuck.
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:13 ] Lucius Cain > ???
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:17 ] RayTruz > No implants right?
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:18 ] wrecklessintent > :(
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:23 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > I thought i got him, what the fuck?
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:24 ] flashfresh > I said lock HIM not me.
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:30 ] flashfresh > Can't you read?
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:33 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > How much do i owe you for the implants?
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:40 ] flashfresh > GET MY WRECK
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:46 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > i got your wreck
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:54 ] flashfresh > Now I am going to have OriasV laughing at me.
[ 2008.01.17 16:20:54 ] Lucius Cain > You might want to remove gang mates from your overview mate.........
[ 2008.01.17 16:21:11 ] Tsuyoshi Takeru > oh shit man im so sorry...
[ 2008.01.17 16:22:03 ] wrecklessintent > big deep breathes so you dont pass out lol

Sound: Lots and lots of people laughing so hard they piss themselves.

Concord Killmail:

2008.01.17 16:19

Victim: OriasV
Alliance: None
Corp: Sacred Shadow Legion
Destroyed: Jaguar
System: Gusandall
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 7844

Involved parties:

Name: flashfresh
Security: -10.0
Alliance: None
Ship: Capsule
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 6397

Name: Tsuyoshi Takeru (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.1
Alliance: None
Corp: Perkone
Ship: Thorax
Weapon: Hammerhead I
Damage Done: 1447

Destroyed items:

Hail S, Qty: 69
Rocket Launcher II
150mm Light AutoCannon II
150mm Light AutoCannon II
150mm Light AutoCannon II
Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II
Faint Epsilon Warp Prohibitor I
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Fusion S, Qty: 318 (Cargo)
Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I

Dropped items:

Thorn Rage Rocket, Qty: 25
X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
Phalanx Rage Rocket, Qty: 40 (Cargo)
Hail S, Qty: 760 (Cargo)
EMP S, Qty: 1500 (Cargo)
Thorn Rage Rocket, Qty: 420 (Cargo)

Victim: flashfresh
Alliance: None
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Gusandall
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 442

Involved parties:

Name: Tsuyoshi Takeru (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.1
Alliance: None
Corp: Perkone
Ship: Thorax
Weapon: Heavy Electron Blaster I
Damage Done: 442

DUDE - WTF! Where's your face?


Anonymous said...

I love this blog! Flashfresh for President!

Anonymous said...


I've read the entire blog but this is the best episode ever! lol.. i can't stop laughing!

Flashfresh said...

Please keep reading. If you play EVE do leave a comment with your in-game name. Thanks.