23 Jan 2008

Not funny

Looks like my blog has offended someone who reported me to BLOGGER for 'objectionable' content. If it means a a kill mail with your name on it, then boo hoo.

Sorry to all my readers, some peeps are just asshats.

Will try and challenge this and get the annoying window removed.



Alia Xi said...

"some peeps are just asshats".

I can think of a more suitable names for them, like f*cknuts!

Hope it'll get removed and back to normal soon, it's not like it's anyone's "real" name.

On another note; I've linked my blog to you - thanks for linking mine. I've also linked Kane's too, thought he might appreciate it.

Working on the 'canes... Caldari ships are expensive out there in the depths :(

Best regards,


Redbad said...

pfff, I cannot believe it, I think some people still have their fiction and reality garbled.