11 Dec 2007

Welcome to EIFER

I love probe scanners. Love them and they made two of today's marks possible. Black Flag is growing as is the Independence channel with pilots forming mixed gangs as and when required to go after juicy prey. This is how it should be in my view.

Lord Moom was in his ratting raven in Gusandall. We had three probers in the gang and they threw scan probes all over the system in order to get a hit. It was Keira who got the hit after all the probers were patiently tracking down the raven pilot. It took almost 15 minutes before we had a successful hit. Well done to Keira!

Landing on Keira, we discovered the hidden gate and the fleet proceeded in; my heart pounding. Prediction Pain was her Falcon and sneaked into the first level, first. It was empty and the rest of the fleet followed in, shoving aside the spluttering wrecks of destroyed Angel ships. Prediction then jumped into the second level and once again threw on a cloak. She disappeared and the rest of the fleet, now about 6 strong waited. Impatiently.

"Raven is tackled. I have points on him. Warp In! Warp In!" Cried Prediction. With a roar, the fleet activated the gate and flooded in. The raven was there - ensnared and twisting like a trapped feral animal. We opened up on him and took it down to armour in an instant. A ransom demand was made but was rejected so we proceeded to dismantle the raven in the most brutal fashion. It felt good. So very good. Unknown to us, the pilot of the raven realising his predicament decided to offer a 200m ransom, however he rejected our initial conversation and no one was paying too much attention to the local chat channel. The raven pilot was then podded back to his clone.

We were then vectored into another well known area for mission runners and our scanner went to task. However, we were a little bit too slow this time and by the time we arrived at the hidden mission gate and into the first level, the two mission runners: a dominix battleship and a drake were warping out - their own missions now complete. Cursing our luck we headed back home; Jubes lagged behind and this proved to be fortuitous as he spotted a drake-class battlecruiser. I got back to help and we ended up tackling the beast. I was made primary but thanks to Jubes quick thinking - he activated a shield transfer array on me and kept me alive long enough for both of us to destroy the drake. We missed the pod however.

What is funny is that we tackled and killed a stabber - with a FinFleet pilot in it. We cheered as it was our first BoB kill.....little did we know that the pilot was leaving BoB....and joining us. What an introduction!

I suppose one can assume its an initiation rite?