24 Dec 2007

Black Flag

A word from Black Flag, the guys I now roll with:


BLACK-FLAG is wrapping up the end of her first month now. It's been a great first month - over 7 billion in kills and maintaining an efficiency of 82%. We've met a few worthy adversaries and some who were less than worthy. We've managed to maintain the upper hand on all of them, however. We've made excellent progress in our fleet setups, coining a new and fearsome kind of Hurricane. This setup has been tested a great deal now and we are building around it. We're currently finishing up on some strides at strengthening attendance - an obstacle for many player organizations. This is going a bit slower than expected due to the holidays. Once this has been accomplished we'll be moving forward with our goals with respect to zero sec roaming/ransoming gangs. Currently we're looking for pilots to the following ships (in order of priority): Basilisk Scimitar Rook/Falcon (with Recon V) Hurricane Sleipnir/Claymore Having the ability to fly these ships is only one condition of membership, however. We are looking for intelligent players who take direction well. These two qualities, above all others, are important and can compensate for lack of experience under good leadership. If you're interested in membership you may post on our Recruitment forum. Further requirement details will be relayed to you there. In the mean time, the BLACK-FLAG will be carried forward leaving a trail of death behind it. Keep up the good work guys. Hail the FL4G! ~Viper
The link to Black Flag Forum is here.

It was a good decision to join BF as one of the founding members, as all the pilots (bar two) were residents of the independence channel. Something I set up to facilitate pirates around Eifer and Gusandall. I would ask that all prospective pilots to join this channel ('INDEPENDENCE') in the first instance and say hi before considering applying to BF. Pilots in this channel tend to join up in mixed gangs and Alia, Snake Boy, Kane Rizzell and Inglorfin to name four channel residents, have contributed handsomely to the entire entreprise. Kane, especially, being an experienced pilot with 0.0 experience and now a broadsword pilot has had a hand in many a Black Flag kill and deserves a special mention. Just check his BC Killboard entry here.

Pretty impressive.

At the moment, Black Flag, while trying to stay apolitical, has had to be pragmatic and are now BLUE with M34N and Hellequin, our fellow neighbours in Gusandall. The latter having left 'The Church' and returning to their roots.

All other corps are RED even if there are individual pilots within such corps that we are friendly with. We're pirates after all. To me BLUE = TARGET REDUCTION. We can't have that can we as killing people generates so much material for this blog. However, it does appear that these two corps will be the only one's in Black Flag that will be BLUE. No more politics and as a combined group we knocked down a carrier already.

We're essentially at war with any other pirate corp around us, fighting over the right to pirate other people and general bragging rights. Pirates, gah - dontcha love them?

Still, am having a blast at the moment.