10 Dec 2007

AFK Dom got killled, I mean WTF?

Have to start with the most recent of piracy and wanton destruction...this was me and a gang popping an AFK dominix. I passed him three times in and out of Gusandall, sure that he would just warp away when engaged. Certainly, my first attempt, I locked him in the vain attempt of getting him to return fire and open up hostilities. No such luck for me. On returning to Gusandall, I called out for some help in the Independence channel and a few other channels that I was in, reporting back to all on the location and status of the dominix. I grabbed my Hurricane while Jaxx Blackfox and Salicyate both got their megathrons. We needed some tanking ability to split the sentry gun fire. I was hoping that my drones would do the job for me. On arrival, the dominix sat there, big and brooding and oblivious to its imminent demise.

The three ships arrived and we pulsed our engines to nudge our ships into optimal positions, we knew that the automated sentry guns would open fire on us the moment it detected an illegal weapon's discharge.

Once we had surrounded the dominix and we were all at our optimal ranges, out came the drones.

"Get into position. I will take first wave." Said Jaxx. She opened fire, the blasters on her megathron opening up in bright flashes. At the same time, Sal and myself locked and opened fire too. The dominix rocked as our deadly ordnance splashed over it. The shields, flaring started to bleed off the tremendous energies from our weapons. However, it could not silently take this punishment as it's deadly arsenal of drones would be screaming around all our ships, trying to take them apart. Surely there was a catastrophic malfunction between the pod interface and the rest of the ship? Already, we could see tiny puffs of atmosphere as the crews' escape pods rained out from all over the ship. The crew knew that the ship had moments to live, no point in going down with it. The shields soon failed and snagged the capsule and killed the pod pilot. We could only imagine what had happened to the pod pilot. No matter, he was blasted to frozen organic matter by our weapons.

The sentry guns continued to pound on our ships and I had to loot the spluttering wreck with heavy ordnance hitting off my shields and armour. We scored a couple of T2 cap rechargers, T2 berserkers and x2 named large armour repairers. That's what I grabbed - Sal and Jaxx also grabbed what they can. We all got back to split the loot.

Whoever was piloting the Dominix (a known farmer) was probably asleep on the keyboard. Poor bastard.