18 Nov 2007

A new beginning?

Some things change, others remain the same. Independence is still there but I am considering the offer of joining and helping to start up a new pirate corp, BLACK-FLAG. At the time of writing, the corp is now up and running and have plans.

The Independence channel started off as a means of communication between outlaws, pirates and thugs mainly based around the Heimatar and Metropolis. I wanted it to be a means where we could all share intel and news and work together; independent of corp and allliance relationships. Ideally, it was to be for all those small-corp and independent pirates who needed to occasionally join up in a gang to tackle marks too big for solo work. However, we are first and foremost pirates and it does well for some to remember that. In other words, we're quite apt to be backstabbed if one doesn't keep both eyes in both directions. Don't be complacent and you can thrive. Yarr.

Certainly, Independence is not a corp.

Over the last 12 months, the channel has seen many pirates come and go but a small core of about eight became regulars, more so than their own corp channels. Over time, we worked together and took part in some outrageous marks and ambushes. Time and time again, peeps would ask - let's make a corp! However, the idea was always shot down as the mix of pirates was not quite right and people were in this channel precisely to get away from the tedium of the corp chat and the alliance chat etc.

Still, all the pilots in the channel wanted an identity they could rally around and fight for. Slowly, the pilots became a corp in spirit and action, rather than name. They have been mentioned in this blog now on and off: Viper Sam and Jubes and Grunaca to name three. In the chat, we've discussed our desires for small hard hitting teams roaming around, not claiming territory but kills and loot. No desire for massive fleets with capitals, more like fast HACs and recons.

It was inevitable but in these conversations, a new corp was being formed right before our eyes.

Since I know the pilots, I am happy to fly with them and pirate with them. The independence channel will still be active as there are others in there: Kane, Rail and Lucius who still will be doing their own thing but they are always welcome in the group.

Mail from BL4CK FL4G

You are receiving this mail because you are being invited to join the ranks of BLACK-FLAG. This newly formed corporation is going to be made up of many of the pilots you know from the Independence channel -- those who you've flown with in the Gusandall area for some time now.

You may apply at BLACK-FLAG's headquarters in Gusandall. Should you accept the invitation you will be among the core pilots of BLACK-FLAG and will act as its foundation as it grows in the future.

You will receive an EVE Mail upon acceptance of your application outlining the details of BLACK-FLAG as a corporation such as recruitment standards and our general battle plan/ambitions. It will be important that you look over this mail because it will lay down our ethos. Our goal, above all others, is to have a group of players who share a vision. This is what will separate BLACK-FLAG from the mediocrity of other corps.

We hope to see you in the corporate channel soon.

Indeed, tempting.

Am sitting back and mulling the offer in my mind. More so, I need to do some practical things such as get an alt to run the Independence corp - or wait for a friend in RL to come on over and take over. She's bored in her current corp and was about to start her own one.

However, the offer is on my mind and I will see what the future holds. Glancing at the Independence channel - half is BLACK FLAG and the other are independent pilots, of course, some are also alts of existing pirates too.