21 Nov 2007

Nano-ishtars are a real pain.

Just wanted to check skills when I call rang out in the independence channel. It was Grunanaca, now flying under a new pirate flag: BL4CK FL4G and he needed help.

"Get your 'cane! Eifer. Enemy 'cane." He said, tersely. I checked my chrono and found that yes, indeed, I had exactly 32 minutes before a meeting so I undocked in my hurricane. It still had damage from that megathron engagement last night.

I joined fleet and found that Jack'Frost was also a member of BL4CK FL4G and there is an open offer for me to join them. An offer as I have mentioned in a previous blog, that I will take up - just not yet as I needed some time to fix the corp and move stuff around. But soon.

The fleet had an enyo (Jack'Frost), rapier (Grunanca) and my 'cane. More than enough to kill a single 'cane. As I jumped into the system, I discovered that the pilot ('Jiam') was from Nebula Rasa alliance, an entity whom we had some dealings with in the past. It was moving around and re-aligning so the pilot was skillful enough to know not to sit in one place for too long.

However, they had not figured on our tackler: Grunanca soon had a lock and vectored us in. As soon as I arrived, I found the hurricane was double-webbed by the rapier and taking fire from the recon and also fire from Jack'Frost's enyo. As soon as I arrived, I was chosen as primary by the 'cane. A sensible move since I was the biggest and probably the easiest to hit.

The fight was one-sided with only us the victors. Jiam had a good tank on the 'cane but as it entered hull, we all prepared to snag the pod. As a reminder to all to get some points on the soon-to-emerge hull would be the capsule. Jiam was a veteran and we would ransom him. I reminded everyone about the pod. Soon after, the battlecruiser exploded and the pod was visible. Jack'Frost was the only one who could realistically tackle the pod and he did and then podded the pilot.


There was a comms breakdown as we wanted to ransom the pilot, as someone of his age would a) have money and b) probably have implants that he would like to keep.

No big deal however.

However, a known Anti-pirate came into the local system and tracked us down. He was in an ishtar and could anyone get close to him? Could we hell. Instead, the ishtar spewed out deadly T2 drones and tried to chew us up. He succeeded in destroying Nframa (rifter) who came in soon afterwards but was unceremoniously sent back in a pod to the nearby station.

A real pain but kudos to the pilot who knew what he was doing.

Next time we'll have to get our rapier on him.