14 Aug 2007

My reputation and a ransomed drake......

This is so funny, one of my past victims went looking for me and renamed his ship to reflect it's deadly new purpose. Unfortunately, it does look a bit confusing: is it MY revenge? I think it should have been called something like: 'Revenge on Flashfresh'......

LOL anyways.

Rifter gangs are deadly and with a gang of four: me, Jubes, Silvaran and Nozaro we felt like having some fun. We tracked down a number of ships and in Eifer we got lucky: Jubes had tracked a Drake-class battle cruiser. The rest of the rifter gang made their way towards Jubes who was busy scanning it down.

'Target scanned down. I am moving in' Declared Nozaro as the rest of the gang aligned towards their gang mate. A few precious seconds trickled by and then the announcement.
'X' – the signal for the gang to warp in.

As one, the three remaining rifters all swung round and accelerated into warp space; eager to join their companion in the kill. I popped out into warp and landed 3km from the slab-shaped drake-class battle cruiser. It was webbed and being pummelled by the other rifters. I locked, webbed and scrambled.

'2 points on the drake.' Announced Jubes.
'1 point on the drake.' Declared Silvaran.
'2 points from me.' Replied Nozaro.
'2 points.' I said. The Drake was well and truly locked down. It was also webbed but it did have a nice shield tank. I switched to EMP ammo to ensure maximum EM damage and my other gang mates did likewise. The drake's shields shifted only a little bit but it was going down. It was hurling heavy missiles at us, Nazor taking the brunt of the damage.

After a few minutes, Nozaro was declaring that she might have to bail out due to the damage – she wanted to save her ship. However, we were getting on top of the drake – the shield tank had disappeared and we were now eagerly chewing into it's armour relentlessly.

As a group we decided that we should ransom the drake pilot for a nice sum of lovely isk and I was asked to do the honours. All the while the gang kept firing and tearing off flaming chunks of Caldari armour. The pilot ensnared was called Azzail.

flashfresh > Hallo
Azzail > lo
flashfresh > Please jettison your cargo
flashfresh > Now
flashfresh > All of it. we've scanned you.
Azzail > u cant carry it all!
flashfresh > doesn't matter we have haulers en route
flashfresh > 50million isk to let you go
flashfresh > Now.

Azzail paused as he considered the generous offer, meanwhile he was down to 10% and in danger of hull breach.

Azzail > 30 mil

Wrong move.

flashfresh > 55 million. You are in no position to bargain.
flashfresh > I raise each time you bargain with me. So don't bargain and accept the offer.

The rifters kept up the barrage. No help was incoming to the drake but we didn't want to waste time. The drake was losing armour fast.

Azzail > 50 then!!!!
flashfresh > 55 now. Remember, don't bargain with me.

I kept an eye on the target readout and saw the drake's hull drop alarmingly fast, if he wasn't going to pay the ransom soon – he was going to pop. I composed a ceasefire message to the rest of the gang and made it ready to send as soon as I saw the welcome blinking of the wallet. Didn't want the welcome addition of isk and then for us to kill the poor chap! Reputations mean everything.

Still, he did not pay up. He was going to die. Come on,

Azzail- pay up!
Azzail > there!
Azzail > i paid!

His ship was now on fire and he was cutting things fine. I checked my wallet and there was the welcome addition of 55, 000, 000 isk deposited. In the gang chat, I yelled out:

flashfresh > STOP. STOP. STOP.
flashfresh > Disengage, ransom paid. All scatter and rendezvous.
There was much yarring and cheering in the gang chat. Nice amount of iskies!!!

We let Azzail go and wished him God's speed and for him to safely go on his way. He was a good sport and no smack. He left immediately and high tailed it into Empire Space.
Feeling jubiliant we then tracked down a bellicose. It had a very tough shield tank but the four rifters ripped it to pieces. The pilot did skilfully deploy and scoop up his drones in order to save them but our auto canons killed his ship in short order.
We failed to get the pod as the pilot instawarped out of there and the loot was not too great.

Still, the killmail was important!

The day for me ended with my rifter being blasted apart by the fastest locking hurricane I have seen so far.

Well done Evel2k....