27 Jul 2007

You win some and you lose some

Today, I toast the loss of my Hurricane-class battlecruiser. I jumped into a system and saw a retriever and lo and behold - it was piloted by a SWA pilot.....no this can't be; I thought to myself. Shurely a trap?

I scanned him down and jumped him but imagine my surprise when he was being escorted by a mighty Brutix? The brutix pilot while not 'piratey' - surprised me with his presence. No matter, I quickly locked the brutix and opened fire with the retriever scuttling off to dock. The Brutix pilot called out for help and a quick scan of local revealed at least two of his corp mates were there. Oh well, the die has been cast so all I could do was to fight my way out.

A vagabond appeared and locked me. I had my drones and nos and guns and webber on the brutix. I had no time to switch to the T2 HAC but I figured that I could kill the Brutix before turning my attentions to the vagabond. The brutix was slowly dying and not causing me much bother but once his armour was gone, it was taking a very long time for my guns to chew through his hull. Damage Control II maybe?

Gah. Not good, it was taking an age for his hull to pop and now I was starting to armour tank. The vagabond had me noss'ed and was hitting me hard along with the drones from the Brutix. My two medium armour repairers fired up but their repair rate was a tad too slow and damage was leaking through.

Another minute crawled by as I was being pummelled by the Brutix (now aflame from front to back) and by the annoying vagabond....which was probably the main danger.

Eventually, the brutix popped but I was really in trouble. I was webbed and being nossed and even with two of my nos and the cap injector....I was out of cap?

A bit troubled, I spotted my armour going down faster and faster. Checking that I had not accidentally switched off any repairers or damage control (damn the new GUI!!!!!) - I decided that it was indeed working and that I was in trouble. Turning all six of my autocanons onto the vagabond, now webbed, should have killed it.

However, it was not to be. I lost the hurricane in a spectacular fashion and then got podded too. The GUI froze even though I was spamming the 'warp to' button like a manic monkey.

Congrats to NJ Corp for kicking my ass.

No matter, a second hurricane awaits me and I am coming straight back.