8 Jul 2007

Ninja Strike!

The Killmail below isn't too special on the face of it. It is a noob and he even had some civilian modules installed. However, I am so happy for the kill. Why? I hear you all ask.

Well, Tarrek was flying alongside a corp mate in a Rokh who was no doubt showing the young capsule pilot the joys of low-sec. I was flying the Jaguar-class assault frigate and was thinking if I could get in and pwn the executioner before the rokh could lock. It was a challenge to be sure and I needed a plan. Within ten seconds, my plan was: scan, zip in, lock and WTFPWN and get out before the Rokh has time to lock onto me. I had tangled with the Rokh earlier this week and knew it was packing some webber drones. Not nice.

OriasV, the CEO of the corporation was also around but he was hiding around a moon and out of sight and I was not worried about him. So, at the scan spot I found out which belts the rokh and the executioner were located. Angel wrecks confirmed that they were ratting.

I sat back and paused to collect my thoughts.

The order to engage raced out and the Jaguar class assault frigate leapt to life and screamed into the warp; hungry for the kill.

I landed a mere spitting distance from two ships: the small and hated silhouette of an Amarr class executioner frigate and the looming hulk of the Rokh.

1 second: I quickly target the lock onto the executioner and had it webbed and scrambled.
2 seconds: Within a second of the lock, I had the three auto-canons spitting out EMP round and the arbalest rocket chugging out gremlin rockets.
3 seconds: The Rokh and the executioner returned the lock with the executioner succeeding first.
4 seconds: The shields of the executioner had almost disappeared.
5 seconds: The Rokh's still flashed yellow but hadn't fired.
6 seconds: I started to move into a wider orbit, ready to break out and gtfo.
7 seconds: The executioner's armour was now almost gone, melted through by my angry ordnance.
8 seconds: Some friendly banter by Ethersong (the Rokh pilot) on my actions.
9 seconds: The executioner was on fire and was dying. I was aligning to get out.
10 seconds: The Rokh locked me and clamped a couple of heavy nosferatus on me. The Executioner was destroyed in a satisfying explosion.
11 seconds: I aligned and hit warp. I was scrambled. I was noss'ed. I was then webbed.
12 seconds: SHIT.
13 seconds: Even webbed, I was still a little bit quicker than the rokh - I moved away from him. Combat had fogged my mind. I was already at 12km; how was I still webbed?
14 seconds: Overview settings were barfed! I forgot to include stasis webifier drones on the otherview. I toggled it and saw two drones circling over me.
15 seconds: Locked and webbed the two stasis webbing drones.
18 seconds: First drone dead.
21 seconds: Second webber drone dead. Rokh placing hits from it's large blasters. Shields dwindling. No cap left. Still too far to move.
23 seconds: hit the afterburner and then warped out. Yaarrr.

2007.07.06 18:31
Victim: Tarrek Arniman
Alliance: NONE
Corp: The Yin-Yang Concept
Destroyed: Executioner
System: Auren
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:
Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.0
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Ship: Jaguar
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon II

Destroyed items:
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Civilian Afterburner
Civilian Shield Booster I
Small Hull Repairer I (Cargo)
Angel Ship Log 303445882 (Cargo)
Fusion S, Qty: 100 (Cargo)