2 Jul 2007

Musings of a pirate - part two.

Flying solo has always been fun and I have had a few pilots ask me how it all works and hangs together. Most pilots like to have some backup from friendlies and I agree; nothing like a friendly set of wings alongside you. I do have this; in the form of a loose gathering of pilots, not all who are pirates or killers. Some are good, positive security rates pilots themselves and all great to fly with.

Lately, I have hunted down and ambushed four pilots; various ages and experiences. All have complained that I took out their only big ship and that they could not afford anything else. Hence no ransom for me. I naturally, podded them.

However, it does appear that there are an increasing amount of pilots taking to the deep black in ships they can ill-afford to lose. One should only fly what you can afford to lose and no more.

I hope the lessons have proven to be useful to them.