18 Jul 2007

Maelstrom Smack Down

I was travelling through Todifrauan and checked out some of the belts, there was a maelstrom and thrasher and I wanted the thrasher but both ships appeared to be in line with my scanner. I entered one of the ice fields and saw the Maelstrom near a wreck. There were a number of wrecks all over the ice field. I saw one that caught my eye, it was a hauler and appeared to be unlooted. I quickly book marked it and prepared to exit as I wanted to come back with my hauler once the maelstrom had gone. However the pilot had to say something....

Renata Uldseth > Good decision Flash

The above comment made me pause and in a split second, I decided to come back. I was leaving anyway as a maelstrom would be a bit too much for my jaguar to take down but I decided to make the effort and come back and tackle the fool. I checked my inventory and realised that I had a hurricane about two jumps away. Chuckling, I set course to this station with the full intention of coming back and with a surprise.

I switched to the hurricane class ship and headed back out to Todifrauan at full speed. On arrival, I jumped to my bookmark. It took me alongside the first of the wrecks and the maelstrom was still there. He was however, over 60km away at another set of wrecks. He was too far away for me to mwd to so I checked out the wreck's contents.

There was a crashing sounds as something hit the shield with a ferocious impact. The maelstrom had targeted and then opened up at me. From the range it appeared to be artillery pieces. I couldn't do a long range slugging match so I scanned and bookmarked a wreck that was close to the mighty battleship.

I then warped out. The pilot (Renata Uldseth) no doubt thought she had scared me off. Little did she know that I was coming back and going to land right next to her. If she had any sense, she would have warped out by now.

Arriving at my safe spot, I quickly turned round and warped to the second bookmark - in the time that I had, it was doubtful that the maelstrom would be leaving so soon. The warp tunnel wrapped around me and I checked the ammunition hoppers. It was going to be exciting and I could not wait. I ordered the crew to battlestation and to prepare for an epic fight with a ship twice the size of the hurricane.

I arrived inside the ice field and 19km from the maelstrom. It was slowly moving away from me and I hit the warp drive and the big ship pushed itself through the ice field towards the target. Renata Uldseth targeted me and let loose her artillery, I locked but held fire until I was in optimal. Her artillery shells flashed off my shields as I closed the distance.

I rode out the storm of artillery shells and got into optimal then engaged all my weapons: autocanons, webber, nosferatu and warp scrambler. My five drones streaked out towards the maelstrom too. Battle was joined.

I was too close for the huge artillery pieces to hit me and I started to kill the shields on the maelstrom. Her missiles slammed into me but I could tank it. The maelstrom had some impressive shields though and I knew that the corp that Renata Uldseth was close by with pilots within a few jumps. Surely a corp wide call out was already in place?

The maelstrom was dying though, it boosted its shields a few times but it's capacitor must be dying. Once the shield had died the armour was blasted off. I was elated as the hurricane had 50% shield left and this baby was an armour tanker.

A few days later, I realised he had quit his corp...

The loot was worth about 15 million isk, I wanted to salvage the wreck but when I doubled back in my salvager, the system was camped by pirates. Oh well.