11 Jul 2007

Don't fly ships you can't support!!!

I do like to kill those pilots who shouldn't really be flying ships that they are not fully qualified to. We're back to my old friends at 'The Yin-Yang Concept' corporation. They're fine fellows, not much smack talk (well; not effective ones anyway) and some do put up a good fight.

Was in Auren, just chilling and sniffing around for any Domination spawns when local lights up with two new pilots. It was OriasV and Tarreck - the victim of my ninja strike a few days ago. OriasV disappeared from local but Tarreck was left behind. Bait? Maybe.

I scanned and jumped Tarreck who was now flying a punisher. I killed it quick then podded him. His loot was junk but we chatted. Bored, I decided to move down the pipe and in about 30 total jumps didn't see a single soul.

On the way back - I spotted a rifter; I scanned and landed too far - he spotted me and ran off towards another belt. I gave chase and landed on top of the rifter and killed it stone dead. Podded the pilot as he logged out of local. I then popped a rupture three jumps further along. The ruppie pilot was not too happy. Can't find the chat logs now but it was funny and he was kinda bitter....

Maybe he had computer problems; but whatever - he had to die. Zipping back to home, I spotted a cyclone class battle cruiser. A bit too much for the jaguar-class assault frigate so I quickly made my way back to one of my bases and switched to the hurricane battlecruiser. It was the nearest big ship available and should be more than adequate. I jumped back to the target system and the target was gone. Damn.

The hurricane is a lovely ship but not too good for hunting and tackling opponents. I was gone only two minutes so the cyclone was not too far. A quick scan of wrecks revealed wrecks. So he was ratting. Almost each belt had one or two wrecks; he was three belts away from the bottom-most belt so he probably had only just finished and left. I knew that there were only four gates here. One I came through, one was out towards high-sec and two more leading deeper into low-sec. Assuming my mark would just pick the first gate, I took that as my heading and activated the drives.

The stargate fired up and shot my ship into the next system. Nothing in local.

Shall I double-back I thought to myself but decided to push on and took the only other star gate. I activated it and it spat me into the new system. No-one in this one and a quick scoot into the belts revealed angel destroyers and an angel battlecruiser. Obviously, no one was here ratting and resisting the urge to blast the Angels, I back-tracked and took the alternative pipe. The next system in the hunt revealed more wrecks and they had the identification tags belonging to our cyclone pilot. At this point, I realised that the cyclone pilot was over three years old and was in the same NPC corp since he qualified as an egger. Could be a challenge.

The next two jumps were fruitless but I knew I was close. The hurricane is still fast when compared to other BC-class ships so I shouldn't be complaining too much. I approached the next star gate and activated it. Something in my gut told me that this was the system. The cyclone pilot was methodically picking off the angels in each belt and the next system had a fair number of belts. He had to be here.

The gate spun up and in a flash of light I was in the next system.

'Contact!' Yelled one of my bridge crew. With an air of excitement I activated the scanner and tried to pin down the cyclone and yes, there he was. After years of practise, I knew the workings of the onboard scanner. Without any further ado, I jumped in and landed close enough to scramble him. In under seven seconds from entering the system; i had located and tackled the cyclone. Not bad.

Just as it started to die, local jumped and lo and behold, it was OriasV and Wuabba. They were passing through but I managed to get an id on their ships. It was a rifter and myrmidon. I also knew where they were going too. I ransomed the cyclone pilot for ten million isk but i was impatient to catch the two YYC pilots.

The cyclone pilot's reply was a simple FUCK YOU NOOB, if this was 0.0 your dead

Whatever, I blew up his ship and got some nice loot of his ship. Unfortunately, no kill mail as some angels had sneaked in and delivered the last blow!

Quickly backtracking to Auren, I spotted that OriasV was back and he had Wuabba with him. So they didn't split up. Wuabba, was the pilot in the catalyst I killed many months back, who complained that I killed him while he was chilling.

I jumped to my scan spot and tried to pin them down. The scan returns were good: a rifter and a myrmidon. I knew that OriasV, the more experienced of the two was in the rifter so the myrmidon was piloted by Wuabba. With his experience, this ship was probably barely able to fly in a straight line.

Oh the fools.

I grinned as I knew that this would be a fun kill. A hurricane versus a myrmidon. I doubt very much he had tech 2 drones or even if the ship was well fitted. Once again, I fired up the onboard scanner and narrowed the two ships down. Normally, these chaps would scatter but no, they stayed. More fool them. I hit the jump drive and landed in the middle of them.


There was a rifter and a myrmidon. I locked both but the rifter GTFO; leaving the myrmidon behind. I had it scrambled and hit it with two nosferatu for good measure as well as a webber. In response; five berserker drones slipped out of the myrmidon's drone bay and started to buzz towards me.

My auto canons opened up and sent barrage ammunition with a mixture of EMP towards the myrmidon. His drones were however annoying me and I switched my webber onto it and sent my own drones to tear into his berserker drones. Meanwhile I kept up the pummeling and his shields rapidly disappeared. Soon his armour was being chewed into while two of his five drones
were knocked out; thereby reducing his DPS significantly.

The myrmidon was now dying. I had it.

Once the armour was blasted off; the structure was easily punctured. I didn't even bother to ransom this time round as these chaps would give me the 'fuck off' treatment. No matter.

The loot was very poor but sometimes it is all about the kill mail, is it not?