11 Jun 2007

Pew Pew

Have always wondered why I like to pirate. I mean, the loot and ransoms are good (though not many peeps pay) and the thrill of the hunt and kill is still, as ever, intoxicating as my first kill back in 2004.

Since the last entry I had hunted down and killed another couple of rifters and a thrasher. Why are so many thrashers so badly fitted?

Today, I scanned down and engaged a rupture-class cruiser. It had it's drones out and was in a belt and it appeared it had already dispatched all the rats and was looting the wrecks. I hit the rifter and got the T2 auto cannons onto the pesky drones while scrambling the cruiser itself and putting myself into a tight 1000m orbit.

Yes, I had decided to pimp out my T1 rifter and kit it out with some T2 goodies.

The ruppie had me webbed and was slamming missiles into me while I was slowly popping his drones. I hate this part of the kill: dispatching the drones before the main kill, all the time having to contend with the firepower of the main ship. Being webbed didn't help either.

Instead of a nosferatu I had a rocket launcher. Looking back at it, this was a mistake when going after this cruiser. While a rocket launcher gave me more DPS it did not help me surviveability as it meant my capacitor, meagre as it is had a greater chance to run out.

By the time the last drone popped I was done to 40% armour and proceeded to work on the main ship. Even webbed, the ruppie had trouble hitting me with anything except his missiles. However, my capacitor was hovering around 0% and most of the mods were switching off - especially the SAR II.

I managed to pump the SAR II a couple of times and started to chew into the Ruppie's armour. I had it down to about 60% when, to my horror, two Angel frigates warped in and targeted me!

With the two NPCs hitting me, my armour was soon blasted off though the SAR II sputtering to life enough times to keep my hanging in there at 15% structure.

I popped and warped away. Would I have survived without the NPCs hitting me? I think so or at least the fight would have been closer than it was.

The target was a courteous and honourable fellow and I salute him. He thoroughly deserved the kill however. He even returned my non-destroyed mods so as a thank you; he's off my KOS list.

Well fought, 'Captain Frolicking Fairy', commander of 'Number 3', rupture-class cruiser.

2007.06.11 08:57

Victim: flashfresh
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:
Name: Frolicking Fairy
Security: 0.4
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Republic Military School
Ship: Rupture
Weapon: Rupture

Name: Angel Nomad / Archangels (laid the final blow)

Destroyed items:
200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
'Langour' Drive Disruptor I
F-M2 Weapon Inertial Suspensor
200mm AutoCannon II
'Malkuth' Rocket Launcher I
Small Armor Repairer II
Barrage S, Qty: 60