6 Feb 2007

Lost another rifter.

I spotted Orrelious in local and decided to get him. He took me out last time in Hrondedir and this time, I was in my bleeder setup. However, he was with a wing man and therefore a cautiou target.

I warped to a planet and waited for him ...he found me and pwned me.

Am losing faith in the punisher.

2007.02.06 20:46

Victim: flashfresh
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Destroyed: Punisher
System: Gusandall
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Orrelious
Security: 0.7
Alliance: NONE
Corp: The Umbrella Union Fleet
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: Rifter

Name: 0utllaw (laid the final blow)
Security: -8.5
Alliance: The Sani Sabik
Corp: Bloodveil
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 150mm Light Prototype I Automatic Cannon

Name: Angel Ambusher / Archangels

Destroyed items:

Warp Disruptor I
Capacitor Power Relay I
Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters
150mm Light AutoCannon I
150mm Light AutoCannon I
EMP S, Qty: 3000 (Cargo)
EMP S, Qty: 59
EMP S, Qty: 59