31 Jan 2007

Fell into a trap....yarrr

Eifer was thick with peeps and I had just missed a mark in Gusandall. I had plenty of time to lock on a rifter but each time I managed to get him, the targetting computer lost the ship. I think it may because I had activated the warp scrambler before the lock. However, doing this with the guns should not be a problem.

Anyway, I saw lots of rifters in local and one rupture and a number of capsules. Looks like a free-for-all in there. I jumped into the top belt and saw a DoomGuard rifter with Zorgluba. It smelt like a trap as Rak was caught like this before. I didn't care and engaged - Zor had a magnificient shield tank that held on for what felt like an age. I was already down to 50% before his shield was breached. However when it was, his armour peeled off quickly.

The delay was enough though - he had a small NOS that did the business on me as my cap was dangerously low.

Then, they sprung the trap and rupture came screaming in: piloted by Korrelean. He x2 med noss'ed me and kicked my ass. I concentrated on the rifter and saw it enter hull - however, the writing was already on the wall for me and the Ruppie blew me to pieces. The 6million isk bounty on me was a tasty target for them but I had already insta-warped as my pod entered space.

It was a good fight - a real rush but I lost my rifter with only one pod kill to my name.

Next time.