24 Dec 2006

Losing out in Gebuladi

Had to move between systems to see what else is around so Metropolis looked good and I jumped from Auga -> Dal and into Metropolis. The place is heavy with corps and ratters and I said to myself to hit the next ship I see.

I jump into Gebuladi and spot a RMS pilot. A quick scan reveals it to be piloting a cyclone battlecruiser. He was only 15 days old.

Deciding that one needs to risk a bit to yaarr I scanned him down to a belt and warped in. Heart thumping like mad (as per usual) I landed right on top of Dexion. Feck, the cyclone was BIG.

Not caring, I hit the scrambler and then webber.

I knew that this was going to be tough as he shields only went down by a fraction. He replied with a hail of light missiles that stripped me down to 50% armour before I even had a chance to repair. Damn.

Luckily Dexion didn't web me or scramble me or send his drones out - otherwise I would have been toast. I went down to 75% and distressingly, the cyclone was at 80% shield. Shit.

Judging that I had bitten off way more than I can chew; I warped to a safespot - my tail between my legs.

The conversation followed in local:

flashfresh > lol -
flashfresh > sorry landed right on you
Dexion Slayer > what?
Dexion Slayer > yeh right
Dexion Slayer > youde scratched my shield..
flashfresh > aye
flashfresh > pretty crap
Dexion Slayer > hehe surpised from a 15 day old?
flashfresh > nah -
Dexion Slayer > heheh you scared me shitless
flashfresh > cyclone: a good ship
Dexion Slayer > hehe thanks
flashfresh > so is a caracal
flashfresh > after the recent patch - caracal v v hard to break now
Dexion Slayer > my first one got blown up by amarr pirates
flashfresh > yeah?
Dexion Slayer > havent lost a ship since then
Dexion Slayer > yeh
Dexion Slayer > uninsured
Dexion Slayer > after 5 days
flashfresh > no way.
Dexion Slayer > ><
Dexion Slayer > yeh way
Dexion Slayer > sucked big time man i was devastated
flashfresh > sorry to hear that.
Dexion Slayer > ahh yeh
Dexion Slayer > sorry i ruined ur armor
Dexion Slayer > made some shits of around 360 i think
flashfresh > i have bloody neuts on - useless against other minnie shipos
Dexion Slayer > this is an arti barge :P
Dexion Slayer > good god heart still racing :D
Dexion Slayer > i never even fired a shot at a fellow player efore
flashfresh > 2006.12.24 15:38:03 Combat Dexion Slayer places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 175.4 damage.
flashfresh > well - pvp is fun.
Dexion Slayer > aww how come my log is empty
flashfresh > i was ratting but my rule is always engage first and then ask questions later.
Dexion Slayer > ahh yeh heheh
Dexion Slayer > you scared me though i thought i was dead for sure
flashfresh > i think we warped from belt I at the same time. I certainly didn';tsee you
Dexion Slayer > i saw you arriving at station
Dexion Slayer > cus i was testing my hardeners
flashfresh > shield hardners?
Dexion Slayer > yeh cus im so newb..
flashfresh > typical. i land and fire just as you're ready......
Dexion Slayer > i thought the thermal active shield gave 50% intotal
flashfresh > 2006.12.24 15:38:25 Combat Havoc Heavy Missile belonging to Dexion Slayer hits you, doing 148.5 damage.
Dexion Slayer > but what it does it cuts back the remianing res till 100 by 50%
flashfresh > like i said - you threw a lot at me.
Dexion Slayer > so actual;ly only gives me 40% :(
Dexion Slayer > sorry :(
Dexion Slayer > yous cared me
flashfresh > hey - i fired firest. dont apologise
Dexion Slayer > haha sory for sorry .
Dexion Slayer > err
flashfresh > you did the right thing. lucky for me you didn't have a scrambler or two
Dexion Slayer > k didnt make sence huh :D
flashfresh > heart still racing?
Dexion Slayer > yah
Dexion Slayer > ^^
flashfresh > -chuckle-
Dexion Slayer > you neanie :P
flashfresh > sorry?
Dexion Slayer > hehehe
Dexion Slayer > ow well was fun man :d
flashfresh > indeed.
flashfresh > dont venture into amamake btw
Dexion Slayer > i know
Dexion Slayer > camp
Dexion Slayer > the "campathon-6000"
flashfresh > only from osoggur
flashfresh > all others are ok
Dexion Slayer > ahhi usually only rat in here , otorn and sirekr
Dexion Slayer > +u
flashfresh > ur still in Gebuladi II - AB1?
flashfresh > you havent moved.
Dexion Slayer > no im in er VII belt 2
Dexion Slayer > rupture?
Dexion Slayer > ahh
flashfresh > yah
Dexion Slayer > using thermal ammo?
Dexion Slayer > cus my em res sux
Dexion Slayer > was testing thermal
flashfresh > typical
Dexion Slayer > ...no way?
flashfresh > no i was using em ammo
Dexion Slayer > ow shouldv hurt me plenty then
Dexion Slayer > got 0% em res
flashfresh > yah
Dexion Slayer > not recruiting ppl yet ?
flashfresh > no
flashfresh > prefer my own independence
Dexion Slayer > hehe hence the name huh,
Dexion Slayer > well i was afraid more pirates would show up now ><
flashfresh > if you want - i can put u in touch with a rl friend of mine who can help
Dexion Slayer > so i msged a friend ><
Dexion Slayer > no no im joining perpetual dawn in about a month
flashfresh > cool
Dexion Slayer > oww doh forgot my drones again
flashfresh > always happens
Dexion Slayer > yeh...
Dexion Slayer > happens if you leave ur head in bed..
flashfresh > ok moving on - my global flag has expired.
Dexion Slayer > haha okies man
Dexion Slayer > gl !
flashfresh > u too.