2 Oct 2006

Passing through some old haunts

Aubenall is a system within one jump of the notorious PF-346 gate and I was hoping to pick up stragglers here. At least I knew the system was good for ratting. Close by there were a number of pirate corps but many peeps just pass by.

Only a few in local as I ratted - all were docked. I moved around some of the neighbouring system and spotted Harum1 again. He was in a badger and from the scanner was probably mining. No way, I thought to myself. Deciding it was time to investigate - I went to the nearest belt and found him, indeed - minining. I scrambled, webbed and killed.

I asked for a ransom but was met by silence. I popped the badger in a shower of EMP rounds and Gremlin rockets. I had refitted to 125mm autocannons instead of 150mm. Not too bad as their rate of fire was quite high.

Harum1 however managed to warp his pod out as I was still trembling for the attack. What a rush. Even though I had been pirating now for a couple of months, the adrenaline rush is still same.

2006.10.01 19:17
Victim: Harum1
Alliance: NONE
Corp: State War Academy
Destroyed: Badger
System: Aubenall
Security: 0.4
Involved parties:
Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -4.3
Alliance: NONE
Corp: The Water Margin.
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
Name: Serpentis Trooper / Serpentis Corporation
Destroyed items:
Small Armor Repairer I
Small Shield Booster I
1MN Afterburner I
Large Secure Container (Cargo)
Plagioclase, Qty: 2228
Large Secure Container (Cargo)
Omber, Qty: 1300