27 Nov 2007

Squeezing the most out of our game time.

You know, us pirates can be a desparate lot: here we are, DT imminent when a call for a fleet goes out and we race to assemble on a gate ready to pounce. Considering the scan prober has another 2 minutes left, it gives the gang precious time to warp in, gank, pod and loot. Alas, such is the lure that like sharks to blood, we answer the call.

All I can say is 'HURRY UP!!'


Anonymous said...

Great find!

After having a very nice engagement with a couple of your corp m8's, I went browsing the web to find more about your corp and this blog was what I found.

I've seen you a lot in space and I have to say it's a very pleasent surprise to find out you write so well. Really enjoyed reading a few of your stories. Keep it up.

Your not so friendly anti-pie ghost

Flashfresh said...

Why thank you Anonymous; I do write in my spare time and EVE-O gives me the perfect material.

What engagement was this? As for my corp mates, I don't have any as such since I am in a one-man corp. I do fly with a few pirates as solo work is tiring at times.

Hope to see more ballsy anti-pies.

Take care and may you have targets in front of you. Always!


Anonymous said...

Oh, thought you were in BLACK-FLAG. Got that impression somehow. You probably only fly with a few of them...

I'll introduce myself when we have a confrontation on TQ. We've been close ;) Until then I'll remain anonymous. Hope you don't mind but it's how I like to do things in EVE, since I fly solo 99% of my time. Low profile until I have a chance to activate my guns.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

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